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Buy Reason Rally Videos

We’re still working on this so bear with us; ALL of the videos are now uploaded and ready.  The videos are able to be downloaded as well.  Currently the streaming player requires Adobe Flash to work.  Please bear with the loading screen; these large files may take a few moments to begin streaming; a delay is considered normal. I am still investigating (free) HTML5 based players.


Coming Soon: watch the Reason Rally online!

Hey folks; your humble Administrator here.  I’m currently working a couple of bugs out of the new video player but rest assured very soon you’ll be able to watch the contents of the DVDs here on our site for a small fee.  Stay tuned: more news soon!!

Limited Time Left for DVD Orders

We’re accepting DVD orders for a limited time now; they are ready to ship!  Friday noon is the deadline for buying DVDs of the 2012 Reason Rally so be sure to order them while you can! UPDATE: While the official Reason Rally store is closing you can still order DVDs from our sponsors; please visit […]

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Update on the DVDs II

The Reason Rally DVDs have been finalized and are now in the duplication process.  They will ship out later this month.  We are sorry for the delay.

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Update on the DVDs

There have been some delays in the production of the DVDs however we anticipate they will start shipping later this month.  We appreciate your patience!  Personally I can’t wait!

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Update on Reason Rally Store

The shirts have been removed from the web site so we can catch up on orders.  All orders will be filled and we expect shipping to occur next week.  We’ll keep you updated as the situation changes.  Thanks for your patience and understanding and for helping us make this such an amazing and successful event! […]

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