Need a Hotel Room for the Reason Rally?

The Hilton Garden Inn in Washington, D.C. is offering a special rate for Reason Rally attendees — 50% off their normal rates! ($149/night instead of $299/night)Even better: Check out the name of the room you’d be staying in…

Book yours while they’re still available!


  1. D. Janelle Kennedy says:

    I called and attempted to make a hotel reservation for this event. I found that there are several Hilton Garden Inns in the DC area. Is there one hotel that is offering this rate? It would be convenient to have this information on the website.Thank you

  2. Paula Johnston says:

    Same question as above. Thanks!

  3. Mike says:

    How about a link and a promotion/offer code to get the rate?

  4. Roddi Smith says:

    I just spoke with various folks at the Hilton Garden Inn in DC (202-783-7800) and the Hilton main reservations line and no one has any record of this offer. Usually a code is assigned that can be used for booking online to get the discounted rate. Any more information available?

  5. Dave Brown says:

    Which one and what is the booking code and contact info?

  6. Heina says:

    The “special rate for Reason Rally attendees” text in the article is a link to the hotel’s site.

  7. Bill Evers says:

    I checked the Hilton website and only one of the Garden Inns was charging $299/night so I am guessing that is the one they mean. It isHilton Garden Inn Washington DC/U.S. Capitol,1225 First Street NEWashington, District of Columbia, USA, 200021-202-408-48701.82 miles from city centerThey also have the “evolution” rooms mentioned. Great name!I also found that there is a “regular” Hilton that seems to charge $149/night as the normal rate:Capitol Hilton1001 16th Street NWWashington, District of Columbia, USA, 200361-202-393-10000.57 miles from city centerHilton has a Doubletree and a Hampton Inn that are less than a mile fom the center of DC that charge $169/night. And this is just the Hilton group.I think the Garden Inn mentioned on the Reason website is one of their newest places, a plus, but it is also about 2 miles from city center, so might be more of a hassle getting in.

  8. Gary Randolph says:

    I called the one at 1225 First St. NE (Capitol) and they are not aware of any rally for this date. Is there a code one can use in booking a reservation? I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity and was happy I booked early.

  9. Rick Guy says:

    I just checked the website. There is no such discount. The rooms are $299 a night for that time period.

  10. Dale says:

    Will keep checking here for more info on hotel rooms and rates. Looking forward to this event and want to book soon!FYI-2012 National Cherry Blossom Festival Dates:March 20 – April 27, 2012.In 2012 Washington DC will celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Cherry Blossom Festival with 5 weeks of spectacular events!………………The National Cherry Blossom Festival kicks off the busy tourist season in Washington, DC and includes many special events near the monuments and the museums on the National Mall.

  11. Jon says:

    I wish the organizers of this would have the decency to update the blog with corrected information. I’m starting to get an “amateurish” feel to this whole thing and seriously second guessing my plans to go. Anyway, here’s a link Reason Rally tweeted today to a completely different Hilton deal than the one listed above.

    • Reason Rally says:

      We’re updating the info as we get it. The “Find a Hotel” link at the top of the page is the most current info.

  12. Jon says:

    Oh, hey, my previous comment is “in moderation”. That means somebody is actually reading these things, and apparently ignoring them. Nice

  13. Jon says:

    But people are still getting linked directly to this page, which STILL provides erroneous and incomplete hotel info. Every page on this site has a link to THIS BLOG POST on the right hand column. You need to edit THIS BLOG POST and update it with the correct information, so that people don’t need to also read all the the comments before they see where I finally do your job and give them the corrected info. You’ve been reading the comments to this blog post, so you knew people were getting confused and going on dead end wild goose chases, and you ignored them and did nothing to ensure that more people who found this page didn’t have the same problem. Shame on you!

  14. Iman Hammad says:

    Ok guys, the American Atheists Convention is being held at the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center (not to be confused with Bethesda Marriot Hotel that is giving Reason Rally a discounted rate).

    To book at the AA rate at Bethesda North Marriott, @ $149/night, click this link

    To book hotel rates for Reason Rally, here is the correct link

    It lists:
    The following hotels are giving Reason Rally attendees discounted rooms:
    The Hilton Garden Inn in Washington, D.C. — $119/night.
    The Hilton Washington DC/Rockville Hotel & Executive Meeting Ctr — $119/night.
    The Bethesda Marriott — $99/night
    The Legacy Hotel — $119/night

    Click link above to go straight to these hotel pages to secure this rate.

    To book at AA convention hotel, click the first link I posted, the Bethesda North Marriott Hotel and Convention Center (dates are March 25th and 26th), right after Reason Rally.

  15. Carlos Coronado says:

    I like and I can afford The Bethesda Marriott $99 night

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