Congressman Pete Stark Will Give Video Testimonial at Reason Rally

Congressman Pete Stark, the first openly atheistic member of Congress, has agreed to prove a video testimonial at the Reason Rally!

“Unfortunately he can’t make it personally but this endorsement from Mr. Stark is a great addition to the Reason Rally,” organizer and chair David Silverman said.

We look forward to hearing Rep. Stark’s words and we thank him for being a part of the Reason Rally, even if it’s via video!

For more information about Stark’s comments, please read the press release (PDF).

Adam Savage Will Speak at the Reason Rally!

Mythbusters co-host and skeptic superstar Adam Savage will be speaking at Reason Rally!

“We are thrilled to add Adam Savage to the roster of amazing speakers,” Reason Rally organizer David Silverman said. “His star power and versatile talents will translate well with the rally attendees.”

More information can be found in this press release (PDF).

Paul Provenza to Emcee Reason Rally!

Paul Provenza, host and producer of The Green Room with Paul Provenza on Showtime and producer of the movie The Aristocrats (with Penn Jillette), has signed on to be one of the emcees for the Reason Rally!

You can read the official press release here (PDF):

“Self-proclaimed skeptic Paul Provenza will bring some of Hollywood ‘magic’ with him to the Reason Rally,” organizer David Silverman said. “His edgy comedic styling is sure to get the crowd going.”

Nick Lee of Atheist Alliance of America Supports the Reason Rally!

Nick Lee, President of Atheist Alliance of America, supports the Reason Rally!

YouTube Atheists Come Together to Promote Reason Rally!

YouTube atheists AronRa, Thunderf00t, and ZOMGitsCriss have come together to promote Reason Rally with this video:

We thank them for their support and look forward to seeing them in Washington, D.C. on March 24th!

Richard Dawkins Supports the Reason Rally!

Richard Dawkins, who will be speaking at the Reason Rally, explains in the video below why he supports it:

We’re glad to have him on our side!

James Randi Supports the Reason Rally!

On the website for the James Randi Educational Foundation today, Randi himself supported the Reason Rally:

Friends, I want to make sure you know about a very important event this year at which I’ll be speaking. On March 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., thousands of freethinkers will gather in Washington, D.C. for what could be the largest ever celebration of secular values in our nation’s capital.

JREF is one of the founding sponsors of the Reason Rally. We’re excited to hear Randi speak at the event and have JREF on board!

Tim Minchin Will Perform at the Reason Rally!

This is exciting news for all of us working behind the scenes, and we hope you’ll feel the same way.

Comedian/Singer Tim Minchin will be performing at the Reason Rally!

Minchin is best known for his 9-minute beat poem “Storm.”

“We are thrilled to have Tim Minchin travel from London to Washington, DC and be a part of the celebration,” Reason Rally organizer David Silverman said. “His presence will not only add a sense of intellect but he will also surely entertain the crowd with his well known antics.”

We’re Mentioned in CNN’s ‘Faith-Based Predictions for 2012′

Thanks to Roy Speckhardt for mentioning the Reason Rally in his 2012 prediction!

4. The year will see an increase in the number of people “coming out” as nonbelievers. Major events like the Reason Rally in March will be a catalyst for more people to publicly declare their secular worldview. The statements of popular celebrities George Takei and Ricky Gervais as atheists in 2011 are just the tip of the iceberg.

–Roy Speckhardt, executive director of the American Humanist Association