Thank You!!

With a crowd estimated at ~20,000 people despite the intermittent rain and cool temperatures we’re extremely happy with the tremendous success that the Reason Rally was.  We could not have done it without you, without your support, without the word-of-mouth, the videos, the links, the donations, the purchasing of shirts, hoodies, VIP passes, and everything else you amazing and wonderful people have done to help us make this event such an amazing success.  Words fail me; I cannot express enough gratitude on behalf of us all.

We’re going to be gathering links to videos and pictures and posting as much of that as we can over the next few weeks as we gather all the material and footage together.  Please bear with us as we’re all exhausted and recovering from the event and the many related events.  It will take several weeks (at least) but we will have DVDs for sale.  Stay tuned.

We’re Here!

We’ve started!!  I’ll be updating this page throughout the day as my Internet connection allows.

I’m sitting in the crowd watching Shelley Segal sing!  There are a LOT of people here and the crowd continues to grow.  Such a happy and nice crowd!

Seeing some great signs in the crowd…  They’re showing some on the big screens.

I’m about to head back into the crowd for pics for the website.

A little bit of rain but not much…

Walked among our awesome crowd; went to see the 8 or 9 protesters holding signs.

It’s training but it is not dampening our enthusiasm!  Dave Silverman is rocking the mic with his inspirational speech!

There are SO MANY people here!  Such a friendly crowd!  They don’t mind me walking among them stepping through the lines to get shots (and it’s not obvious who I am or what I’m doing – I’m just “some guy” to them).

More pictures added!!  I’m doing my best to keep them coming for you guys.  I’m guessing we have around 20,000 people despite the rain but that’s just my personal guess, not an official number.  I have no expertise in this so take that with a grain of salt the size of your fist.  ;-) Official numbers are in and over 30k people showed up!

VIP Essay Contest

Want a VIP seat for you and a friend?  Tell us why!  Write a blog post, a tweet, or public Facebook or Google+ post and e-mail it (or a URL) to  Tell us why you are coming to the Reason Rally, tell us why this is important to you, tell us who you’re looking forward to, tell us a good story…  Don’t forget to e-mail the link or essay to as it doesn’t count if we don’t see it.

Entries must be received by 5pm, March 23rd — Yep, that’s today! Entries are now closed.

Official Schedule

Check out our official schedule.  We’ll be adding more information in there as we get it so check back later.

Time’s Running Out; Buy your Reason Rally Merchandise Today!

Unfortunately we are absolutely NOT allowed to sell (or even appear to sell) anything during our Reason Rally.  You can certainly pick up orders on location, though, so order today from our store and bring your receipt and we’ll be happy to have it waiting for you.  We can’t guarantee you’ll get anything if you wait too long so please take a look at our store and order today!

[UPDATE:]  Please note that pick-up cost is actually more expensive for us than shipping.  More details are available on the store site.  We cannot assist you with order issues here.

Reason Rally PRO-Tips

Some quick tips regarding the rally:

  1. Arrive early for a good spot, like 9:00 AM.
  2. Wear a hat and bring sunscreen.
  3. Pack your lunch and a snack to eat and bring them with you.
  4. Bring Handi-wipes or other sanitary hand-washing items.
  5. Pack enough water to last all day.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll probably be standing the whole time.
  7. Bring a folding chair or a new, clean trash bag to sit on, if you do want to sit down (and to help clean up after the event).
  8. Wet weather gear, just in case.

Remember that certain things are not allowed at the National Mall; do not bring sticks or poles to hold signs, alcoholic beverages, glass containers, commercial signs/sales, or weapons (except your brain, of course).

For more information like this, check out our FAQ page and stay tuned as we are preparing lots more helpful information.


Nate Phelps Will Speak at the Reason Rally!

We’re proud to announce that Nate Phelps, the (estranged) son of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps, will be joining us at the Reason Rally!

Nate severed ties with his notorious family decades ago and now speaks out in favor of LGBT rights and raises awareness of religion-based child abuse.

Nate Phelps
We are aware that the WBC plans to attend the Rally in the hopes of converting all you heathens… however Nate will be there to deliver a message to his family that one does not need to live a life of fear and hate; indeed, it’s possible to be a moral, happy atheist.

We’re happy that he’s on our side and thrilled that he’ll be speaking to the Reason Rally crowd.

United Coalition of Reason Promotes the Reason Rally

Thanks to the United Coalition of Reason for promoting the Reason Rally!

A How-To Video for the Reason Rally

Everything you want to know about the Reason Rally in one video:

(via AtheismTV)

Bad Religion Promotes the Reason Rally

Thanks to Bad Religion for promoting the Reason Rally!