Where on the Mall Will the Reason Rally Take Place?

A lot of folks are wondering where exactly on the Mall the Reason Rally will take place, so we hope this map helps you out! (Click on the image to enlarge it.)


  1. David Carr says:

    Hi, I’d like to know the events schedule (speakers first, concert next, vise-versa etc. and is this location the main location for everything such as individules selling t-shirt’s and such and, I heard that there is supposed to be at least one “after party”?


  2. Debbi Golden-Davis says:

    Will there be designated smoking areas at the edges, so of us who cannot tolerate toxic air (yes, even outside) can breathe while enjoying the rally? Ideally, the whole area would be smoke-free, to minimize trash & fire hazards. Any one know? Thanks….

    • Nigel Stewart says:

      Last I heard it was still a free country and secular movements were not so much into legislating outdoor consumption of tobacco by consenting adults.

      • oldebabe says:

        @Nigel, good for you.

      • Lisa says:

        Freedom does not mean you can do whatever you want even if it hurts someone else. Exercise freedom responsibly so that rules are not needed. Be respectful of the rights of others. The right to breath air without cigarette (and other related combustibles) trumps an individuals right to smoke.

        • Lisa says:

          P.S. Debbi did not say that others cannot smoke; she asked if there would be designated areas for you to smoke. Be fair!

    • TheDudeInSF says:

      Oh Great! :( Even as a non-believer I’m going to shunned to the out edges of the community. Not that out of respect for others choice not to breath cigarette smoke I move away from the crowd so my smoke wont bother them. But because you don’t think I’m as important as you are.

      • Deanna says:

        I’ve been to several rallies on the Mall (Stewart/Colbert the most recent) and I’ve never seen smoking as an issue.

  3. Marshella says:

    Other than the expensive VIP seats, will plenty of chairs be set up in from of the stage for free, or is it standing room only? Should I bring a chair?

    • Steven LOWE says:

      Bring yoru own chairs or blankets. No chairs will be provided except in the VIP section for which you can buy tickets. .

  4. Sunny says:

    Thank you ! And just in time . . . Would have joined you, if I knew in time, but I was there in my mind and heart. Religion and the constant tug or war to decide who is the most correct is destroying this planet. I applaud you and look forward to hearing from you soon, but please you would not share my email addr with solicitors, right ? I do apologize for even mentioning it, but . . . I most closeley associate with Christians, but only loosely, for my definition of G.O.D.=Great Obscure Diversity. I have studied all of the world’s religions and they all have some very humanitarian values, I just question the need to look for a ‘reward’ for being good. Just be good for goodness sake. Rewards exist in the doing, and sometimes not even there, but is the right thing to do, period.


  1. […] March 24. Music begins at 10 and the rally opens at 11 a.m. It’s a 2-mile walk. See map of area here. Look for FFRF staff and volunteers at its 20-foot booth inside the tent by the stage on the […]

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