Be a Reason Rally VIP!

Want to support the Reason Rally and enjoy a dedicated seating area?  Tickets are 100% tax deductible (consult your financial professional)!
Image showing location of VIP seating

VIP seating gets you a seat up front with the stars and speakers!  VIP Silver gets you that seat and a thank-you from the site!  VIP GOLD gets you a shout-out from the stage!  We thank you for your generous support of the Reason Rally!

Click here to shop.  After checkout save your receipt and and bring it and your ID to the VIP section.  We will have a list and credentials at the VIP section.


  1. Federico & Mandy Rodriguez says:

    My Husband and I are attending, It will be our one year anniversary and since we were not able to have a honey moon, well the Reason Rally is it! He is a an Atheist, (we both are of course) but his passion for the movement is extraordinary! In addition, he is in the process of becoming a citizen, an American history buff and this trip to D.C. means the world to both of us! He works two jobs, has so for the last 8 years, we have been together 3, married 1 and even after a 24 hour shift, we will sit down together just to tune into our favorite people, many who will be attending the Reason Rally! We are no more special than the next guy, everyone has a story to tell. That was a piece of ours. This is the only trip we will be able to take and look forwarded to it, first time in many years that he will be taking a day off work, technically 2 and well worth it! We are very excited and grateful to be able to attend. We cannot wait to be there! If we are able to sit “V.I.P.” that would be amazing! My husband, although not born in the States is very much the speaker, debater as well as Christopher Hitchens was and always will be his Ideal Human Being, “If by G/d, you mean, a brillant speaker, incredible debater and amazing human being, Hitchens is it!” All The Best! And Thank You For Holding This Event in which people like my husband and myself are able to attend and partake! WE TRULY APPRECIATE SUCH!

  2. Joe says:

    Wowzers. Those prices are huge. But I guess if they sell and the money goes to a good cause, that’s a good thing. Otherwise, you should have a “last day” sell off (maybe auction) of any remaining VIP seats so none go empty. Auction them off (or sell if you don’t have time to micro manage it) in groups of 2, 3, and 4 as well as single ones. Maybe list them in a “store” mode where each grouping or single seat is individually purchasable but goes away once purchased.

    Just an idea in case any seats go unpurchased. Be a way to get more money and a way for others less wealthy to get a chance at VIP seating.

  3. Patricia Rocha says:

    I am open to receive a donation if somebody wants to give a way a vip seat!

  4. Im going to the reason rally , Im from anchorage Alaska Im exited as ever to be a part of this reason rally , I was born in mexico in a poligamist fundamental CULT My father had 10 wifes & 58 children , im the first of my family to come out of the closet as a fullborn ATHEIST , My heroes are Christopher Hitchens , Dawkins & thunderfoot , and many others

    • Aaron Rodriguez says:

      Your story is incredible interesting. Have you published any memoirs? I am from Mexico too, and as you know most people are ultra catholics. I will be at the rally too. Lucky for me I live in DC now.

  5. Gina says:

    Those prices arr too steep for me. I was hoping for $100. Oh well, guess I’ll stand on my stool in the back.

  6. William Adams says:

    After the plane ticket, transport from and to Dulles Airport, two nights in a hotel, and two FFRF special dinners, the seating is too pricey. I found a collapsable seat at REI for $44 that I will pack in my suitcase.

  7. Steve Williamson says:

    We’re lucky enough to live near DC, so we can take the Metro in. I just purchased two VIP seats – $1000 is worth it! :)

  8. Brian Roy says:

    Haha, have fun man. Glad to see someone is buying those pricey tickets. Cheer extra loud for me when Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss speak ok?

  9. Gerald L Price says:

    Just bought my VIP ticket and am excited to come from Leominster, Massachusetts! Yes, the ticket is pricey, but for such an important cause, it is not too much. I’m handicapped and on a fixed income, but this event is too important not to support. Thank goodness for the chairs! I last saw Richard Dawkins (one of my heroes) at the National Zoo in D.C., way back when, when he gave a wonderful lecture around the time of his publication of Climbing Mount Improbable. I still treasure my own signed copy of that book! I’ll be climbing my own “Mount Improbable” to get there, but I wouldn’t miss this event for anything. I’ll be cheering for us Brights and for ALL of us in this bright ring of life around the world!

  10. Bill Murphy says:

    I work on the Mall and would to know specifically where the rally will be held. This site says “On the Mall,” which is like saying “In Central Park” — the Mall is more than a mile long and several blocks wide. Can someone provide specifics? Here are some choices: a) near the Capitol building; b: near the Air & Space Museum; c: near the Smithsonian Castle; d: near the Agriculture Department; e: south of the Washington Monument; f: south of the reflecting pool; g: near the Lincoln Memorial; h: north of the reflecting pool; i: north of the Washington Monument; j: near the Natural History Museum; k: near the National Gallery of Art. That covers the perimeter pretty well. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      We’re in the process of putting together a map right now. Thanks for your patience.

      • Drew says:

        I would really like to know how we are to verify that we’ll have access to the seating area that we paid for. I have received no additional information about this process. Obviously I have a receipt, but will that be enough to get through security? Any additional information would be vastly helpful.

        • Jason Gross says:

          Personal verifications have been sent to everyone who purchased VIP Seating. I will be acting as the VIP section liaison. Anyone who purchase’s VIP seating will have a seat reserved in the VIP section at the event. If you have specific questions please contact me directly via email at Thank you.

  11. Susan says:

    How many VIP tickets will be sold, or how many rows of VIP seats will there be? I am trying to determine how close the VIP cost would potentially get me to the stage area for Bad Religion.

  12. Keith says:

    VIP price seemed steep at first. Luckily I’m in the DC area, and when I thought about it this is actually far cheaper than what I’ve spent in the past on conferences when I included the airfare, hotel and incidentals. This is probably a once in lifetime opportunity, so I took it!

    To the admins, will we be receiving more info on what to do when we get there? I’ll I’ve gotten so far is the purchase receipt.

  13. Carlos Gallegos says:

    I wish i could attend it looks so exciting and wonderful with the guest speakers(some i highly look up to). But sadly im a 16 year old boy who lives in atlanta. Most of my friends are going to this concert so i would be alone if i where to go and i have no money becasue im saving for a car. so i wont be able to go but i full support the movement and i’m donating and will follow along on the bolgs and people who are doing a coverage . hope it comes around next year or again this year because i really wanted to go.

    • jim says:

      Carlos,I hope your health is good.I live in York,SC (outside of Charlotte,NC).I’m 62 yrs. old and just had major shoulder surgery yesterday.There is an atheist concert 3/31/12 at Foort Bragg,NC next week with some famous atheists attending.It’s great to hear that a 16yr. old can make the comment”most of my friends are going”.PS My favorite group is TOOL.Next time you look up into the sky at night,remember this: That’s your back yard- (It’s mine too).By the time you reach my age,we might just have landed on Mars.Carlos,always fight the good fight,which means nobody gets hurt and everybody wins.

  14. Phillip says:

    To the Admins:

    My wife and I would love to attend this important event. We personally are amazed and pleasantly surprised at the “whos who” list of speakers. However, my wife is 7 months pregnant and making a trip to the event would be rather difficult. Do you know if the event will be televised or available to stream on the internet? We would love to watch the event. Also, are there any items for purchase to help show support; tee shirts, hats, etc?
    Thanks so much

  15. Mike & Rachel says:

    Glad to see other Alaskans are making the trek to the other seashore. Rachel and I are excited beyond belief. Oh, and Rachel also doesn’t know I just bought VIP tickets. Hopefully I’ll learn some rational arguments on the Mall to defend my purchase!

    We have never attended a rally of this scale but as others have indicated, this event is simply too important to miss. You only live once!

    Thank you to all who have made the Reason Rally possible.

    Cheers everyone!

    Mike & Rachel
    Juneau, Alaska

  16. Robert says:

    This whole VIP section idea makes me a bit sad, as I was hoping for a more egalitarian and inclusive experience. I hope it’s not the case that those of us excluded from the VIP section won’t be able to hear the speakers.

    I thought one of the points of atheism is that it speaks to facts and reasoned debate, not the appeal of “stars” as this site mentions.


    • admin says:

      There will be large screens and amplified speakers to assist people in hearing both near and far away from the stage. There is a contest currently going on for VIP seating access if you would like to enter. This is not about separating people but providing a valuable way to show support for the rally and help cover our considerable expenses.

  17. Samantha Goddin says:

    Wow, these prices are way out of my graduate student budget :/ I guess I will just have to show up early and hope for the best. It has been a few years since I have seen Bad Religion perform live, so I am super excited to see them again. They are truly amazing. And I cannot believe the list of phenomenal speakers, many of whom I never thought I would have the opportunity to see. I can’t wait!

  18. Todd says:

    Looks like rain on Saturday

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