United Coalition of Reason Promotes the Reason Rally

Thanks to the United Coalition of Reason for promoting the Reason Rally!


  1. Dillon Bowen says:

    I went to a Catholic high school which in many ways treated atheism as a plague. There was a poster that I would pass in the hall every day on my way to class, bearing the heading “Watch Your Thoughts.”
    This is my chance to fight back.

  2. Nomad says:

    I hear such stories and marvel that I had such an easy time. I went to a public school and only had to contend with peers who shunned me because I did not pray to their imaginary friend. I blush at how I tried to fit in. In the end, I did not acquiesce.

    If I had been fed a daily diet of such nonsense, I don’t think I would have caved. I also might not have survived.

  3. Norman C. Flessas says:

    We need a large infusion of reality-based reasoning in our society. Everywhere you look, people are being influenced by unreasonable declarations because they don’t know how to think for themselves or they are prevented from thinking for themselves. The creation of law schools based on the Bible, the influence of Creationism and Intelligent Design concepts in our public schools, radical right-wing home schooling, and the taking of the public minds by the fanatical radio shows throughout the heartland have turned about half of the U.S. population into ignoramuses. Big money has guided many of these fanatical ideologies in attempt to control. If you can control a belief, you can control the hearts and minds of the people. We need to stand together against this onslaught of bigotry.

  4. Sarah Hippolitus says:

    Use the Reason Rally as an opportunity to help show the world that non-believers truly are good without god! Please make a donation to One Brick DC, a local community service organization, partnering with Washington Area Secular Humanists at the Reason Rally. Go to:
    http://washingtondc.onebrick.org/ for a special donation link just for Reason Rallyers – our donation dollars are being recorded separately so we can report how much money just the secular community raised! We’ve met 10% of our goal so far.

    What is One Brick DC?
    This non-profit does everything from playing sports with disabled children to preparing meals for the homeless to raising money for cystic fibrosis to helping out with pet adoptions to volunteering at assisted living homes to cleaning up a nature sanctuary, ETC!

  5. Gar says:

    I hope the rally doesn’t turn into a group rant against religion, as if atheism is incompatable with sprituality. I’m afraid, if he’s true to his writings that Dawkins will trot out old arguments and rely on tiresome prejudices. Perhaps someday, atheists and other lovers of truth will invite Andre Comte-Sponville to one of these gatherings; he deserves an American audience and would present some very winsome arguments or life without God.

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