Reason Rally PRO-Tips

Some quick tips regarding the rally:

  1. Arrive early for a good spot, like 9:00 AM.
  2. Wear a hat and bring sunscreen.
  3. Pack your lunch and a snack to eat and bring them with you.
  4. Bring Handi-wipes or other sanitary hand-washing items.
  5. Pack enough water to last all day.
  6. Wear comfortable shoes, because you’ll probably be standing the whole time.
  7. Bring a folding chair or a new, clean trash bag to sit on, if you do want to sit down (and to help clean up after the event).
  8. Wet weather gear, just in case.

Remember that certain things are not allowed at the National Mall; do not bring sticks or poles to hold signs, alcoholic beverages, glass containers, commercial signs/sales, or weapons (except your brain, of course).

For more information like this, check out our FAQ page and stay tuned as we are preparing lots more helpful information.



  1. Julia says:

    I would add a raincoat and umbrella to the list.

  2. Don’t plan on live-blogging unless you connect via satellite. Even text messages will be harder to send the more people in the National Mall.

    • Chris says:

      Texting was working fine and there was some voice disruption when 200,000+ of us congregated for the Jon Stewart rallies. However, at that event, I saw various truck based cell towers (expanding capacity), and obviously I have no idea if such things will be used.

      The METRO was far more useless than phones were during that other Rally… (Had to ride the trains backwards to get a seat, the ones going forward filled up at the furthest away stations and rarely stopped until the Mall!)

  3. Looking forward to seein’ all y’all when ya get here next Saturday (no, we don’t talk like that here in Maryland, even though many of our 19th century ancestors fought with the Confederacy).

    I watched your info video (good job with that, btw) and I wanted to extend a heartfelt apology on behalf of some of the Christians who will be at the rally (near the Air & Space Museum) to answer questions and challenges made by our visiting atheist friends for the repugnant, abusive and anti-Christian behavior that people like the Westboro Baptistas have vomited up in your direction at other venues. While it may come as a surprise to hear this, most of us (Christians) are just as annoyed by the Westboro posers as you folks are (they don’t like real Christians any more than they like atheists because we remind them that they aren’t following Christ with their belligerent tactics). So, as strange as it may sound, your people (atheists) and our people (Christians) are actually allies in the war against unREASONable, angry, self-righteous bigots who think they are called by God to insult and provoke nonbelievers to anger. They will get what they deserve, but they won’t be expecting it (c.f. Matthew 7:21-23, in case you’re wondering where I come up with that faith-based notion). It is only we who recognize our filth, obscenity and wretchedness who will NOT get what we deserve.

    Yes, I realize that our Reason Rally friends (soon to be our guests) find all faith-based assertions — such as those I just made toward the Westboro folks — to be utter nonsense (as I once did, btw). Fair enough. This is your Web site devoted to your rally and you have every right to flame or ban me for attempting to post on it. I just wanted to let you all know that even though we disagree about matters of faith (and the science which we think supports our faith — which science has nothing to do with young-Earth creationism, btw) we are partners in the war against the Westboro goons (among others who have abused you) and we support and appreciate your coming to D.C. to make your voices heard in the court of public opinion.

    Your rally also helps our local economy, so consider yourselves welcome and we look forward to making your acquaintance.

    Blessings and safe travel to you all.

    • Q says:

      On the contrary: we wish more faith-based folks could be as polite as you seem to be. Well, I do, anyway, I can’t speak for everyone.

    • El Cid!* says:

      @Nobody Important: Your reference to Matthew repudiates Trinity. And please don’t even mention science…Christian Science is an oxymoron.
      Your tone however is becoming and welcome, probably contrived and rehearsed considering Christianity centuries of history, and current, of atrocities in Jesus name. Besides your Bible is not true to itself and in conflict with itself.
      Please consider:
      1. ‘Gospel of Jesus’, if it ever existed, has been expunged from the Bible…by the Paul the Christ inventor and repudiator.
      2. You are Pauline Folk – Paulanites, NOT Christians – followers of Paul, the false satanic self proclaimed apostle, who repudiated the teachings of Jesus, and of his brothers James, and Jude.
      3. Paul’s incoherent and inconsistent irrational letters are your scripture. His discourses on sodomy [Romans] reeks of self-flagellation and closeted homosexual ideation which has made 3 to 7 percent of humanity punishable by death.
      3. Jesus is NOT God. Even in the much revised multi authored New Testament he NOT once said “I am God”. He never once said “Worship me”.
      4. Compared to the synoptic, the Gospel according to John the evangelist is an absolute concoction, fabricated lie, the product of very many authors, as is most of the Bible, Old and New.
      5. The Bible: The racist, genocidal, pornographic, slavery authenticating and advocating, witch hunting, Jew baiting…man made book about a man made god, is interesting reading – Fiction, NOT holy and not Divinely inspired. As proof: Just read it with a rational mind.
      6. Reading the Bible permanently immunizes the reader against Christianity.

      • Wow, that’s two Bible scholars on this thread now. Thanks for setting me straight on all those theological and historical facts. I’ve really been misled. But thanks to your expertise — complete with all the scholarly, peer-reviewed theological and historical journal sources you cited and referenced –, now I’m starting to see the light.

        I don’t know why you would, but if you’re ever interested in reading any of the peer-reviewed biblical and historical nonsense that I used to believe (before I read your stuff), feel free to ask. It’s all pretty ignorant and ridiculous stuff, though, compared to what you provided. Thanks, man.

    • vel says:

      one more True Christian passel of nonsense. Yep, the WBC are Christians, as much as you’d wish they weren’t. We could have an altar contest, each religion and sect with an altar and showing us which of them their god favors. Your bible is full of unreasonable nonsense that encourages hatred and intolerance. We’ve heard all of your excuses before and we ain’t buying it. Spend the money you are spending on your little “booklets” and water to actually help someone who needs it. You know, those people that your god doesn’t.

      • Thanks for the theological corrections, vel. I’m glad a Bible scholar decided to get involved on this thread. I expect I can learn a lot from you.

        And don’t worry, we won’t waste any money on you, unless you want to ask us questions.

        • vel says:

          that’s the problem with theists, you think we haven’t read your bible or your apologetics, and are ignorant enough to think that only “bible scholars” (defined by only you) know anything about your religion and your bible Heck, I was a Christian for more than a few years. I know what the problems are with the religion, I’ve read the bible in its entirety at least twice, as a believer and as not, and know all of your excuses. Christians trying to crash the party, in their delusion that no one knows the “real” truth about their myths is quite a bit or willfully ignorant arrogance. Now, I’d love to see you show us that the WBC aren’t true Christians and that you are, with your assumption you can speak for Christianity and “apologize”. But you can’t show that can you? W have Christians claiming that there are so many of you but when it comes down to it, you all think those “other” Christians aren’t real ones. So the numbers come down drastically, and we can see that there is no divinity behind your religion at all, only humans decideing that some magical god agrees with their personal hatreds and desires. Self-projection as god is all religion is, wanting to have a “reason” your opinions are somehow the “eternal truth” of all time. I’ll get one of your booklets and I’ll show just how much of a waste of time it was, with your insistence that only you have the “right” answers.

          • Great!, vel. I’m looking forward to finally being educated by someone who has much more training in theology that all those academic phonies with all those worthless advanced degrees that I’ve been reading all these years. Clearly, they are just as you have said, delusional and willfully ignorant.

            Now that I know you are the measure of all knowledge (at least biblical knowledge), I can’t wait to sit at your feet and learn the truth.

            C’ya Saturday, my new friend. And welcome to Washington.

    • Laura Tas says:

      Aw, c’mon… that was a nice message and then you had to spoil it all by saying something stupid like “blessings to you all”… we don’t want to hear that!

  4. Nocho says:

    To Nobody Important: Any believer who respects the separation of church and state, opposes Creationism, supports equal rights and secular rule of law, and the promotion of science, is an ally of mine. I think most non-believers feel the same way.

    We look forward to your hospitality.

    • Stop on by Saturday, Nocho, and clear my head of all the silly superstitions I have.

      I’m glad we’re allies against the Westborophites, but you may have misinterpreted my mention of creationism above. I was more specific in my introduction than you were in your reply. I didn’t say “creationism,” I said “young-Earth creationism.” If El Cid (commenting above) thinks “Christian science” is an oxymoron, I think “Christian materialist” is even more so (I’ll respond to El Cid’s assertion too). I am a creationist (yes, you are welcome to correct that ignorance at the rally if you like), just not a 6-10 thousand year creationist. And btw, young-Earthers (we call ‘em YECs) think I’m even more deceived than you guys do, so naturally I’m a pretty popular guy.

      Yeah, it’s lonely here at the bottom of the evolutionary food chain.

      In any case, pleased to almost meet you, Nocho.

    • Tom Cook says:

      Nice. And don’t forget–The South was Right and will rise again.

  5. admin says:

    Please play nice. All of you.

  6. Looking forward to Saturday! Hopefully it doesn’t rain! Right now the forecast is 70 and scattered t-storms. I will be taking many photos and will post them on my site (click my name). I’m not planning to live blog, however. I want to take it all in. :)

  7. vel says:

    I’m wondering how many Christians will try to claim that, if the weather is bad, it’s their god’s work.

    a rain suit, cheap at sporting goods places like gander mountain, etc, might be a good idea. Umbrellas are a right pain and block a lot of vision.

  8. David says:

    I really hope that this rally can be used to help everyone begin making a bigger positive impact on society. The last couple of natural disasters that I have done psychological first aid and trauma counseling at here in the US had multiple tents set up to give out food, water, clothing, etc and they all were sponsored by churches. There were also semi-trucks coming in from organizations such as Convoy of Hope. It would be really nice to see agnostic and atheist organizations showing concern and care for those who are struggling. I really hope that is a major piece of this rally, to unite in order to help others instead of belittling those who believe differently.

    • vel says:

      hmmm, was the American Red Cross helping too? And were they helping with no requirement that the victims listen to their nonsense or accept their magic books like theists do, and weren’t expecting a magical present when they die for what they’ve done? Then, there you have it, secular groups have helped and do help. Most agnostics, atheists, and free thinkers have little in common than the lack of belief so many of us donate to the causes we find most important rather than creating new ones that would do the exact same thing for no good reason.

    • Tom Cook says:

      David, you’d be a wonderful little priest.

  9. Eddie says:

    They are predicting thunderstorms on Saturday. Is there any concern it may cause a problem with the event being held?

  10. Gra-gra says:

    Bring wet weather gear, but not umbrellas, they will get in the way.

    P.S. Why are we arguing with god botherers on this page?

  11. Swampfoot says:

    If poles to hold signs are prohibited, I wonder about a camera tripod? When entering the mall with a typical camera bag backpack, mine would have a collapsed tripod strapped to its side. Would the tripod be disallowed?

    • me says:

      i’ve never had a problem bringing a tripod to a rally on the mall (i used to photograph them regularly), but i stopped because there’s rarely a good place to use one. unless you’re planning on bringing a long lens and being out of the way, you’re going to have a lot of rally-goers annoyed with you.

  12. Anonymosity says:

    You want tips???

    For long trips, take the Metro (subway) not a cab.

    Walk on the left or stand to the right on escalators.

    At the end of an escalator ride, walk ten feet before stopping.

    Don’t bring fake weapons (phasers, blasters etc…).

    Don’t joke about having weapons or make threatening comments about public officials.

    When a homeless person directly asks you for money, either give them some, or say sorry. Don’t just walk past them. That’s an invitation for an unpleasant conversation.

    Be nice to the police. They want an incident even less than you do.

    Believe me, this comes from thirty years of being on the Mall during big crowds.

  13. Janelle says:

    Aww, WBC can’t bring sticks to hang their nasty signs on…what a shame.

  14. Gordon says:

    Came all the way from Petaluma, CA, to be part of this historic event. Hope we can all enjoy each other’s company and celebrate our right to freethought in a free country and not get bogged down in squabbles with detractors. Let’s all have a hell of a good time—rain or shine!

    Reason: Be Brave Beyond Belief!

  15. solserendipity says:

    Hope see people from Brooklyn, NY there.

  16. Bruce says:

    The last thing I want to do this weekend is argue with believers.

  17. Rwahrens says:

    Hello from Maryland! I’m an atheist and a member of WASH, one of the sponsors. My wife and I will be attending, and hope you all have fun and enjoy the amenities Washington offers, both before and after the event.

    Look for a bearded guy with a pony tail and a beer gut, wearing a black western hat, with a blonde lady wearing blue jeans.

    See ya’ll there!

  18. frank says:

    Where on the Mall is the Rally? It’s a pretty big place…..

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