Time’s Running Out; Buy your Reason Rally Merchandise Today!

Unfortunately we are absolutely NOT allowed to sell (or even appear to sell) anything during our Reason Rally.  You can certainly pick up orders on location, though, so order today from our store and bring your receipt and we’ll be happy to have it waiting for you.  We can’t guarantee you’ll get anything if you wait too long so please take a look at our store and order today!

[UPDATE:]  Please note that pick-up cost is actually more expensive for us than shipping.  More details are available on the store site.  We cannot assist you with order issues here.


  1. Sally Stapledon says:

    Placed our order on 3/8/12 (#322122) and it appears it has not even shipped yet. How likely is it that you will now ship in time for us to receive before we leave for DC on 3/22? And if we don’t receive it in time, how likely is it you’ll have the order up there for pickup? This doesn’t appear to be very well organized, store-wise. Maybe I should just request the $105 refund now?

  2. Katie says:

    Where in the Washington Mall area are we suppose to go to pick it up “on location”??

  3. Heather Schena says:

    My order hasn’t shipped yet either. If I paid shipping charges, will I get that refunded if I pick my items up at the Rally? Will I even be permitted to pick the items up if they were supposed to be shipped? I think requesting the refund now might be the best idea to avoid hassle at the event itself.

    • Heather Schena says:

      Just got the email that my order shipped. Okay… lesson learned; patience is a virtue. Thanks!

  4. Lindsay Bartleson says:

    I received our order on Saturday, but we’re missing an XL t shirt. Since we paid for it, we’d love to have it. Plus, both my husband and I wanted t shirts. Can something be done so we can pick it up at the rally? I’ve left messages in several locations about this now.

  5. Amanda Nelson says:

    I also just received part of my order today. I got a large hoodie and a medium hoodie and only the large showed up today. Are they being shipped separate?

    • Amanda Nelson says:

      I really don’t know who to ask or email. But my account does not work – meaning when I log in I don’t see any orders. I received a message to my email saying I had a message on this site about my order… but I can’t get to it. So I don’t know what I can do? I want to know if there was a mistake with my order (I ordered two hoodies 1 large and 1 medium and only the large came) and if I will either get money back, or if the other hoodie was shipped separate. I would like the hoodie since I paid for it already and was really looking forward to wearing it. I need someone to email me at my actual email and not a message on this site since I can’t access it. Thanks!

  6. mas133 says:

    Will we be charged or refunded shipping for picking it up? I want to order mine, but would like to know if we will have to pay shipping for something that isn’t being shipped. And where I can get them when I get there.

  7. sammyfamily says:

    Did I just read correctly…? When I went to purchase an item, it said that you are charging a $5 pick-up fee PER ITEM! That’s a joke…right?? You want to charge people for picking up their merchandise??
    Clearly you don’t know your customers. This is a REASON rally. Assume that we are reasonable people with reasonable expectations. We are willing to pay a reasonable amount of money for a reasonable product that is sold in a reasonable manner.
    Charging us a $5 fee (per item) in order for us to PICK UP the item is totally unreasonable. Shame on you. I expected better. Clearly it is I who does not understand the lack of reason within your group.

  8. Tiffany D says:

    International orders and all orders placed after March 12th will be ready for pick-up at the rally.
    All orders placed by March 12th were shipped via first class mail by March 16th.
    This is why none of your orders shipped…reading helps :)

    • Lindsay Bartleson says:

      Tiffany, I sincerely hope you weren’t referring to me, because in my case my order WAS placed before the 12th, DID ship, but we were missing an item we’d paid for. The label on the package even said we were supposed to have 2 XL shirts, but we only had one. Amanda, I contacted them via the official facebook page and was told to bring my receipt and they’d give me the missing item. You could try doing the same.

  9. Melodie says:

    Will we be able to order anything from this website AFTER the rally?

  10. Greg S. says:

    Can we still order merchandise after the rally is over? Also, if I order the DVD, when will that be finished, and do you have a timeframe for when those will ship out?

  11. Rebecca says:

    What happens to your order (placed AFTER the 12th) if you are unable to attend the rally? Will it be shipped if not picked up? Do I need to contact someone to tell them my order needs to be shipped? Will I need to get a refund? Am I out of luck and $? The web page has no information. I can’t be the only who has this question.

  12. Julia Johnson says:

    Are DVDs still available for purchase? I put one in my cart and attempted to buy, but “pick-up” was the only shipping option available and the rally is over.

    • admin says:

      I can’t comment on DVDs currently but I wouldn’t expect them for a few weeks as the footage gets edited.

  13. S.S. says:

    I’m speechless. Profoundly speechless. Been waiting a long time for my 2 t-shirts. I thought I was going to receive them after the latest post about shirts going out around the first week of April…it’s now April 22…Still…nothing. Disappointed is an understatement.

    • admin says:

      I’ve forwarded your remark to the store point of contact I have. I don’t have anything to do with the store and cannot solve store-related problems. Sorry.

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