Official Schedule

Check out our official schedule.  We’ll be adding more information in there as we get it so check back later.


  1. Graham Stalley says:

    Any chance of putting together a short paragraph about everyone on the official schedule?

  2. Jim says:

    Can I assume the area is large enough for there to be multiple speakers at once? Or is everyone really only getting 10 to 20 minutes?

    • admin says:

      There’s only one stage at this time. Some of the performers have more time than that. Mostly the speakers are presenting short speeches rather than talks as I understand it, however the topic is up to them.

  3. Ana says:

    Will anyone tape Richard Dawkins’s speech?
    I cannot make it to the rally, but would really like to see a video on-line. Thank you.

  4. Cliff Andrew says:

    Is there a map online showing stage and screen placement?

    • admin says:

      Yes, in the VIP page. I’m working on updated maps for the general area because things have had to be shifted around a few times to accommodate a larger crowd than expected. I hope to have the new maps up soon.

  5. Marie says:


    Dare anyone say atheists are stodgy or grumpy… we have a hug-out at our rally. Nice.

  6. atheistpriest says:

    Is the rally on rain or shine?

  7. Travis says:

    I sure wish I could have attended. Any chance you will have all or some of this streaming live for those of us less fortunate to attend? I would be happy to donate a small amount for the ability to watch the live stream! -Travis

  8. Rose says:

    Will there be online streaming or youtube videos or the whole thing taped? Can’t make it from Oz, but this event in USofA reverberates around the world, we want to know about it. And hope it goes well!! With good vibes from the other side of the planet.

  9. Michael says:

    I’m sorry if this is posted somewhere on the site, but I can’t seem to find it: When and where is the next Reason Rally taking place?

    • admin says:

      Not anytime soon! This event took David Silverman, AJ Johnson, and many others over 2 years to coordinate. This sort of event can’t really be done annually and would lose impact if it were attempted. I don’t know when the next one will be but “not soon” is the answer I always get when we talk about this.

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