Limited Time Left for DVD Orders

We’re accepting DVD orders for a limited time now; they are ready to ship!  Friday noon is the deadline for buying DVDs of the 2012 Reason Rally so be sure to order them while you can!

UPDATE: While the official Reason Rally store is closing you can still order DVDs from our sponsors; please visit their sites for more information!


  1. But… I don’t have $40, and I won’t ’til next week…


  2. Jaana says:

    I would really love a copy, but in financial bind right now. Any possibility of donating a copy or discounted copies?

    Thank you so much,

  3. Michel says:

    I may have been the only Frenchman to participate to the Reason Rally. I hesitate to purchase the DVD from fear it is zoned to the United States, making it unplayable in France. Can someone tell me, please?

  4. Christne says:

    Please extend the offer, I would really love to own one of these!

  5. Swampfoot says:

    This makes no sense, claiming that they will not be offered beyond an arbitrary date.

    You need to explain the reason for this, or it reeks of high-pressure used-car salesman tactics.

    So, if I decide I want to buy your DVD, and, say, GIVE YOU MY FUCKING MONEY, but on next Monday instead of this Friday, you have decided that money no longer interests you?

    • admin says:

      I’m sorry you feel that way; they’ve been for sale for awhile now. We’re closing out the store soon though; I’m not sure why but that’s what I’ve been told. We’re wrapping up sales soon.

      • maprovencher says:

        The announcement says that we can still buy the DVD from your sponsors, but I went to all their websites and didn’t find it for sale anywhere. Many of your sponsors don’t even have online stores. Can you give us some leads on where to find it?

  6. Dave says:

    Wow! Bitching because there’s a limited time to order. Bitching because they cost $40. What do you think this is, Amazon?

  7. Alexander says:

    Didn’t see this until after the end date!

  8. Brian Walker says:

    I ordered a DVD long before the Reason Rally AND STILL HAVE NEVER RECEIVED A COPY!

    • admin says:

      I don’t believe they’ve shipped just yet; they just finished making them and are currently filling the orders. Please be patient; there’s no need to “yell.”

    • Marty says:

      Brian Just write it off as a donation and tax deducction. This organization seems to have many problems and the DVD will probably be of poor quality. You will probably be deeply disapointed even if you ever receive it. I too purchased a DVD long before the rally, but I don’t every expect to receive it and porbably this like all the other posts I have sent will never be put up for all to see.

      • admin says:

        I haven’t yet seen the DVD so I can’t speak of the quality but I’m curious what other comments you feel haven’t been put up, Marty. I’m the one screening them (mostly – there are others who chip in sometimes) and I only block for profanity, threats, bible-thumping, harassment, etc.

  9. marty says:

    I sent previous posts saying that this seems like an internet scam where you send in your money and never get the product. All we ever hear is ” It is shipping at the end of the month.”

  10. PRPine says:

    Are the DVD’s shipping yet?

  11. Amanda says:

    I also didn’t see that the DVD orders were ending until after the end date. All I saw was “ending soon” and then when I clicked the link for more info–like a date–I saw that you were no longer taking orders. I would like to get one, even if it’s through a sponsor, but none are currently advertising how to obtain it.

    • admin says:

      I’m looking for more information to post here; I just pass along what I’m told.

      • Greg Peterson says:

        Admin, realizing this is not YOUR fault, and stating emphatically that I HAD A BLAST AT THE RALLY and HATE saying anything negative about anything related to it: Did you guys hire some Amish outfit to handle the video for you or something? Seriously, back in the day I went to a megachurch and they’d have the DVDs of the sermon ready for purchase right after donut time. I understand that with an all-day event and far-flung attendees, there were some logistical issues to work out, but this has not been a terribly impressive experience, waiting for this. Aren’t we supposed to be the smart ones? I keep telling people that while we have enemies, we have friends, and our friends are much smarter than our enemies. Please prove me right.

        • admin says:

          I appreciate your comments but, as much as I might like to, I can’t comment on that publicly.

        • DocAtheist says:

          You know, this Reason Rally was the first, ever. With all the various organizations coming together to create it, in the middle of freakin’ Washington, D.C., with all that’s going on (you’d have to live there or be from there to really appreciate the security issues, alone, much less traffic and hospitality issues), and the rain, well, it was an amazing leap up the learning curve. Be patient while the kinks are being worked out. Not everything could be fully anticipated and appreciated far enough beforehand to do what corporations with experience, i.e., megachurches, are doing. I bet they’ve made their mistakes along the way, too. Nowadays, new ones get advice from older ones. And even they don’t do what they do on a single day in the middle of Washington, D.C., outside, in the rain.

  12. Rinesin says:

    I ordered my copy shortly after the rally. Will I still be getting a copy, or would I have had to reorder once the process went into full production? In other words, can I still expect to get a copy?

    • admin says:

      All of the orders from the store site (which I do not run but talk to those who do) have been transferred over to those handling the DVD fulfillment. If you don’t ge your DVD after we hear they’re mailed out please let me know and I’ll point you to the appropriate parties.

  13. Linda Allewalt says:

    I just emailed again about my March order which was paid for on my credit card in April. I need to know when my DVD is coming and HOW it is coming because I’ll be away and don’t want it sitting outside in the heat and weather. I have to say, this has been a very frustrating transaction. If there is a 2013 rally, this certainly would be one area that needs big change and attention.

  14. Brandon says:

    Patience may be one of the seven heavenly virtues, but I see that it doesn’t hold much meaning for the Atheist’s and rest of the free thinking lot that have been posting here! I had an absolute blast at the Reason Rally and am patiently awaiting what is sure to be a great DVD of the event to relive that wonderful time again and again. Hopefully the longer the wait, the better the quality!

  15. Amy says:

    I just got my DVD in the mail! Can’t wait to watch it. :-)

    • Hibernia86 says:

      Well, I’m glad that we have conformation that someone got theirs. This gives me hope that I will receive mine within the next few days.

  16. Rinesin says:

    Why is it that two of the biggest and most fun parts of the Reason Rally, the Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard bits, were not included? I’m happy with the rest of the DVD (though the video quality could have been higher rez) and I’m happy for what I got, but I am *very* disappointed that two of the biggest names there are not included on the DVD set.

    • admin says:

      I have no idea; if I find out I’ll update you.

    • Amy says:

      I’m guessing some of the artists are not on the DVD due to contract restraints. I was bummed to see that the Bad Religion concert wasn’t on there. I am happy with the DVD and thankful for the memories. I was very inspired that day!

    • Netgk says:

      Rinesin, you beat me to it. I came here to voice the same complaint. Tim Minchin was brilliant! Such a shame that his song “Thank You God” was not included on the DVD. Happily, I did find it at for 99 cents.

    • Michelle says:

      I, too, was disappointed that Minchin and Izzard aren’t on the DVD. You’d think they could have got their people to let them appear on it since it was for a good cause. It wouldn’t have hurt them to give permission. I enjoyed listening to the speeches, but they were the most fun part of the rally. Bummer.

  17. Nontheist Central says:

    I ordered my DVD BEFORE the rally and have yet to receive it! I paid for mine, and it was put on my credit card 4 months ago and have had to deal with VERY limited and often incorrect updates. When, oh when, will I get my DVD??? This has been an incredibly frustrating and unhappy experience. I’m sure you guys have heard this a lot, but I’m not sure what else to say. I have gotten NO emails regarding my order, other than confirmation that it was received. This is the first time I’ve paid for something BEFORE it was shipped and I’m really starting to wish I hadn’t wasted my time. Before I ordered, there was a post that the DVDs would be more expensive after production is complete, but from what I hear, they’re not. I’m really feeling ripped off right now. :(

    • admin says:

      I wish I could tell you more but I’m in the dark on that stuff myself. My guess is that sponsor organizations may charge more for the DVDs once they begin selling them. Production of the DVD ended not too long ago so I wouldn’t expect a price shift to have shown before that.

  18. Shannon says:

    Got the DVD in the mail today and was very excited to watch it. I didn’t mind that the quality was not the greatest, I was just happy to have a copy of that amazing day to watch again. However I was very upset to see that Tim Minchin and Eddie Izzard performances were not included. Photographs of them and part of an interview with Eddie Izzard was, but no performances. I know I can just watch them on youtube, but I was really looking forward to seeing two of my favorite performances of that day again in good quality. I wish we were told ahead of time which parts would be included in the DVD and which ones were going to be left out. Some of us might not have wanted to dish out the money for it had we known.

  19. Joan says:

    Who do I contact if my DVD does not show up? I ordered back in May and according to the previous posts it should have arrived by now.

  20. maprovencher says:

    I had completely given up on ever getting the DVD I ordered from you in April, but it arrived today, and it’s FOUR dvds long! Much more than I was expecting. I don’t know what people mean by “poor video quality,” except maybe that it’s not a Hollywood production. The sound is a little uneven, but the sound was uneven at the Rally, if we remember, and these were one-time LIVE performances, many of them in the rain…

    Anyway, I just came here to THANK the Reason Rally folks for making the video and to ask once again– Will this be on sale again? Where? My parents, who live on the other side of the country and could not attend the rally, would really like a copy. AND, seriously, I’d love to buy half a dozen copies for friends as…mmm… “Christmas” gifts this year.

  21. Jessica Spencer says:

    After what seemed like an endless wait, finally got my Reason Rally dvd! I was so excited and couldn’t wait to watch it! That was an AMAZING day for me! I was however very disappointed that 3 favorited and wonderful acts were left out! I’m not sure why they were left out, but I feel I should’ve been made aware of it before I gave my money! I feel like I paid for a product that was broken!!! I would’ve rather just given a donation than feel ripped off.

  22. Christopher Collins says:

    Just received the DVD’s today! I am very thankful to those who put this all together as I was not able to attend. As wonderful as it is to see all of these amazing speakers I have to admit that I am extremely disappointed that Bad Religion and Tim Minchin were not included! I literally walked directly from my mailbox to the computer to watch exactly these two sections. I don’t want to come across as complaining. I’m grateful for the rest of the footage, but does anyone know if footage of BR or Tim will be available in any medium? The video shot on people’s phones and posted on youtube isn’t exactly doing it for me! Cheers

  23. Evan says:

    Is there any way to check my order status? As of June 27th my order was “awaiting fulfillment”, and the link in the email is dead.

  24. DocAtheist says:

    Darn. I haven’t even ordered, yet, but I have to say, Tim Minchen and Eddie Izzard were two of the higher ranking reasons I wanted to, along with Dawkins and this being the first RR. We need humor. It’s essential!

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