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We’re still working on this so bear with us; ALL of the videos are now uploaded and ready.  The videos are able to be downloaded as well.  Currently the streaming player requires Adobe Flash to work.  Please bear with the loading screen; these large files may take a few moments to begin streaming; a delay is considered normal. I am still investigating (free) HTML5 based players.



  1. Richard Fortuna says:

    Check back with me when you make the site tablet-friendly. I primarily use an iPad for my day to day computing, so Flash just isn’t going to cut it. Why no HTML5?

    • admin says:

      Why Flash? Because I’m a volunteer with limited time and it’s faster and easier. HTML5 video support is still non-trivial to implement and test. I’ll try to get back to that and see if it’ll work (I use a tablet myself for a lot of media) but previous experience (I work on national-branded sites for a living when not volunteering here) pointed me to the faster solution for now. If HTML5 were better more sites would be using it (there’s a reason why even youtube is taking this somewhat slow; it’s not as easy in the real world as some people seem to think and I can’t match Google’s level of manpower myself) but Flash is still heavily used for media online because HTML5 is just starting to get ready for real use (though there’s currently an argument on whether or not DRM will be incorporated — another discussion entirely). Here’s looking to a brighter future where HTML5 media integration is more settled and I don’t have to use multiple video encodings and finicky tags in order to get Safari, Firefox, Chrome, IE, and Opera all to work (not to mention the various native mobile browsers, some of which are just crap). :-) Anyway I’ll be aiming for mobile chrome and mobile safari support in the future. Note I still haven’t gotten all the videos up; this is an on-going project for me. Thanks for your patience. In the meantime the videos are encoded as MP4s and should play if you download them and save them to your device.

    • Richard Fortuna says:

      FYI, tablet owners… The “Download” links will actually work on your tablets. They are in MP4 format, so they will play in mobile safari. Just make sure you have enough free space to cache them!

      That being said, VIDEO #5 is NOT LOADING! Please fix! Thanks!

      • admin says:

        Video 5 seems to be working for me; can you give me a more specific error message?

        • Richard Fortuna says:

          When I hit the download link on Video #5, it comes up as a dead video on mobile Safari. All other vids work.

        • Richard Fortuna says:

          Also, the download size is 366K:

          Name Last modified Size Description
          Parent Directory –
          MP1.mp4 08-Mar-2013 03:58 460M
          MP2.mp4 04-Apr-2013 22:56 308M
          MP3.mp4 06-Apr-2013 00:34 517M
          MP4.mp4 06-Apr-2013 12:24 363M
          MP5.mp4 12-Apr-2013 06:51 366K
          MP6.mp4 22-Apr-2013 10:33 400M
          MP7.mp4 04-May-2013 02:50 533M
          MP8.mp4 08-May-2013 05:03 550M

          • Richard Fortuna says:

            Happy Monday!

            Just a reminder/FYI – Video #5’s download link is still dead.

            Also, any ETA on 9-11? I can’t wait!


          • admin says:

            I’m going to re-upload it today. The upload process isn’t always kind to these giant files.

  2. Richard Fortuna says:

    Thank you for getting those videos out there, even if it is Flash. ;)

    I wish I could have been there in the flesh. I was actually getting married THAT VERY DAY.

    Are there any plans for another Reason Rally?

  3. John Alan K says:

    I payed the $9.99 for the videos and downloaded one video but closed the Reason Rally page. How do I get back to the Reason Rally site to download the rest of the videos?

  4. dd says:

    Chrome is saying that this page has malware. :/

    • admin says:

      The site was hit with a malware attack and I believe I have cleaned it; we’re still waiting to be checked out as “clean” but I am pretty sure I got all the infected code out of the site.

    • admin says:

      UPDATE: The latest scan has shown the site to be clean: no sign of the infection anymore! We should no longer show up with a warning.

  5. Richard Fortuna says:

    WTF? No Bad Religion??? Please tell me there will be a video of the Bad Religion set…that was at least a third of the reason I paid for those videos to start with!

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