Nate Phelps Will Speak at the Reason Rally!

We’re proud to announce that Nate Phelps, the (estranged) son of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps, will be joining us at the Reason Rally!

Nate severed ties with his notorious family decades ago and now speaks out in favor of LGBT rights and raises awareness of religion-based child abuse.

Nate Phelps
We are aware that the WBC plans to attend the Rally in the hopes of converting all you heathens… however Nate will be there to deliver a message to his family that one does not need to live a life of fear and hate; indeed, it’s possible to be a moral, happy atheist.

We’re happy that he’s on our side and thrilled that he’ll be speaking to the Reason Rally crowd.

A How-To Video for the Reason Rally

Everything you want to know about the Reason Rally in one video:

(via AtheismTV)

Reason Rally Billboard Goes Up in Richmond

The following billboard can now be seen in Richmond, Virginia!

Sen. Tom Harkin Will Appear in a Video Message at the Reason Rally

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has agreed to appear (PDF) in a videotaped message that will play during the Reason Rally.

He will join Representative Pete Stark (D-California) as politicians addressing the gathering:

Said a Harkin spokesperson, “Just like the rest of his colleagues in Congress, Senator Harkin, a lifelong Catholic, strongly endorses the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech. It was out of this conviction that he agreed to the invitation to send a video welcome to those exercising their Constitutional right on the national mall.”

Senator Harkin has served in the United States Senate for 27 years, serving an additional 10 years in the House of Representatives before that. The Secular Coalition for America, a sponsor of the Reason Rally, gave Harkin an “A” on their 2009 Senate Scorecard, a mark of how well his legislative votes defended secular values.

We look forward to hearing the messages from Sen. Harkin and Rep. Pete Stark at the Rally!

Where on the Mall Will the Reason Rally Take Place?

A lot of folks are wondering where exactly on the Mall the Reason Rally will take place, so we hope this map helps you out! (Click on the image to enlarge it.)

A Banner for Your Facebook Timeline

Got Facebook?  Got a Timeline?

Feel free to use this image as your banner for the next few weeks!

Update for Rally Attendees Who Are Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Sign language interpreters will be available for the deaf and

We hope that alleviates any concern you have about being unable to enjoy the Rally.  See you there!

Media Takes Note of the Reason Rally

The media is finally picking up on the big event!

MSNBC focused on the Reason Rally while talking about the demographics of atheists in the country:

The National Mall in Washington has hosted its share of rallies — some massive and iconic, like the famed civil rights march of 1963, which featured Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. Nonetheless, a scrappy coalition of atheists say they will make history on the Mall next month by pulling together what they say is the first nationwide celebration of secular values — what one of the organizers called a “Woodstock for non-belief.”

“Non-religion is the fastest-growing ‘religion,’ while Christianity is shrinking,” said [Dan] Barker, once a Protestant minister. “There is something happening. The Reason Rally seems to be riding that wave.”

Meanwhile, NPR’s Barbara King seems to think Richard Dawkins will ruin the event:

By choosing words hurtful and harsh, Dawkins closes off a potential channel of communication about science with people who hold faith dear in their lives.

Dawkins is very honest about his feeling that/ religion and science are incompatible — and that science is superior to religion — and that’s just one reason we’re thrilled to have him speak at the Reason Rally. He has done more for our cause than just about anyone else — convincing many theists of the power of science — and I’m sure people at the rally will appreciate what he has to say.

A Woodstock for Non-Belief

The Blaze posted a nice article about the Reason Rally!

Traditionally, atheists have taken on the faith community through limited legal battles and individual complaints. But as the power of social media and communicative technologies has developed, non-believers have become increasingly organized. As they collaborate through various projects, they’re realizing the power they have as a collective. In fact, on March 24, 2012, they’re planning the “Reason Rally” — a massive event that American Atheists President David Silverman has dubbed a “Woodstock for non-belief.”

Reason Rally Store Is Open for Business!

Want a hat, hoodie, or t-shirt in anticipation of the big event? Care to purchase VIP seating? All those items, as well as a to-be-produced DVD of the rally, are now available in the Reason Rally Store!