Nate Phelps Will Speak at the Reason Rally!

We’re proud to announce that Nate Phelps, the (estranged) son of Westboro Baptist Church leader Fred Phelps, will be joining us at the Reason Rally!

Nate severed ties with his notorious family decades ago and now speaks out in favor of LGBT rights and raises awareness of religion-based child abuse.

Nate Phelps
We are aware that the WBC plans to attend the Rally in the hopes of converting all you heathens… however Nate will be there to deliver a message to his family that one does not need to live a life of fear and hate; indeed, it’s possible to be a moral, happy atheist.

We’re happy that he’s on our side and thrilled that he’ll be speaking to the Reason Rally crowd.

Sen. Tom Harkin Will Appear in a Video Message at the Reason Rally

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has agreed to appear (PDF) in a videotaped message that will play during the Reason Rally.

He will join Representative Pete Stark (D-California) as politicians addressing the gathering:

Said a Harkin spokesperson, “Just like the rest of his colleagues in Congress, Senator Harkin, a lifelong Catholic, strongly endorses the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech. It was out of this conviction that he agreed to the invitation to send a video welcome to those exercising their Constitutional right on the national mall.”

Senator Harkin has served in the United States Senate for 27 years, serving an additional 10 years in the House of Representatives before that. The Secular Coalition for America, a sponsor of the Reason Rally, gave Harkin an “A” on their 2009 Senate Scorecard, a mark of how well his legislative votes defended secular values.

We look forward to hearing the messages from Sen. Harkin and Rep. Pete Stark at the Rally!

Shelley Segal Will Perform at the Reason Rally!

Australian singer-songwriter Shelley Segal will be one of the opening acts for the Reason Rally!

Raised Jewish, Segal rejected her religion and became an atheist at eighteen. Over the last few years, she has become quite involved in the secular movement. Her most recent release An Atheist Album reflects her views. The seven songs on it express her thoughts on religion and related themes, through the prism of her secular humanism.

You can read the press release here (PDF)!

Congressman Pete Stark Will Give Video Testimonial at Reason Rally

Congressman Pete Stark, the first openly atheistic member of Congress, has agreed to prove a video testimonial at the Reason Rally!

“Unfortunately he can’t make it personally but this endorsement from Mr. Stark is a great addition to the Reason Rally,” organizer and chair David Silverman said.

We look forward to hearing Rep. Stark’s words and we thank him for being a part of the Reason Rally, even if it’s via video!

For more information about Stark’s comments, please read the press release (PDF).

Adam Savage Will Speak at the Reason Rally!

Mythbusters co-host and skeptic superstar Adam Savage will be speaking at Reason Rally!

“We are thrilled to add Adam Savage to the roster of amazing speakers,” Reason Rally organizer David Silverman said. “His star power and versatile talents will translate well with the rally attendees.”

More information can be found in this press release (PDF).

Paul Provenza to Emcee Reason Rally!

Paul Provenza, host and producer of The Green Room with Paul Provenza on Showtime and producer of the movie The Aristocrats (with Penn Jillette), has signed on to be one of the emcees for the Reason Rally!

You can read the official press release here (PDF):

“Self-proclaimed skeptic Paul Provenza will bring some of Hollywood ‘magic’ with him to the Reason Rally,” organizer David Silverman said. “His edgy comedic styling is sure to get the crowd going.”

Tim Minchin Will Perform at the Reason Rally!

This is exciting news for all of us working behind the scenes, and we hope you’ll feel the same way.

Comedian/Singer Tim Minchin will be performing at the Reason Rally!

Minchin is best known for his 9-minute beat poem “Storm.”

“We are thrilled to have Tim Minchin travel from London to Washington, DC and be a part of the celebration,” Reason Rally organizer David Silverman said. “His presence will not only add a sense of intellect but he will also surely entertain the crowd with his well known antics.”

Cristina Rad to Speak at Reason Rally!

Cristina Rad, better known to her YouTube fans as ZOMGitsCriss, has been added to the Reason Rally roster of speakers!

The press release can be found here.

Romanian YouTube sensation Cristina Rad has been added to the roster of speakers at this year’s Reason Rally, March 24, 2012 in Washington, DC. Rad joins other movement luminaries including Richard Dawkins, PZ Myers, and Taslima Masrin.

“We are excited to have Cristina Rad make the journey to the National Mall in Washington, DC,” Reason Rally organizer David Silverman said. “She is sure to appeal to the younger segment of our audience, and complements our existing list of distinguished and entertaining names.”

Stay up to date with event details, including additional speakers, here. Follow the Reason Rally on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the Reason Rally blog.

Bad Religion and a Welcome Donation!

Two major updates to report:– The band Bad Religion will be joining us at Reason Rally for a one-hour performance immediately before the closing remarks!

Their hits include “Sorrow,” “Infected,” and “21st Century (Digital Boy).” We’re excited to have them on board!– The Stiefel Freethought Foundation has made a $200,000 donation to help cover the costs of Reason Rally!
“I am proud and excited to support the Reason Rally,” said Todd Stiefel, founder and president of the Stiefel Freethought Foundation. “I look forward to seeing everyone there.”…“The momentum and support behind this nationwide event is growing, and with Todd’s generous donation we can only continue to grow our program and provide an even larger message of good news to the masses,” [organizer Dave] Silverman said. “From music, to comedy, to great speakers, the day will surely be one of unifying fun and energy.”

You can read more about this news at the Press Release page!

Two new additions to the line-up!

More good news! Well-known blogger Greta Christina and CFI President (as well as Chief Executive Officer and Senior Research Fellow) Ron Lindsay have been added to our speakers’ list.