How do I find the Rally? Where Exactly will it be held?

The rally will take place on the National Mall just east of 14th Street NW and the Washington Monument. It will be between the Department of Agriculture building and the Smithsonian Museum of American History and Culture on the grass between Jefferson Drive and Madison Drive.

Here is a link to a map of the area.

Check out the map.

Can I bring signs?:

Yes, but no poles or sticks are allowed!

Can I bring a chair or blanket on which to sit?


Will there be a Sign Language Interpreter?


Where is the best place for the disabled & handicapped to be dropped off?

On Jefferson Drive or Madison Drive near the Rally. All pedestrian crosswalks have sidewalk ramps. Note: METRO Rail has escalators and is wheelchair accessible via elevators.

What should I wear for the weather?

The average high temperature for late March in DC is 60 degrees F. The record high is 83 degrees F. But you should be prepared for possible cooler or windy weather.  We are expecting rain so ponchos or other wet-weather gear is a good idea.  Umbrellas may block the view.