Reason Rally Main Stage Schedule

Lincoln Memorial, Washington D.C.

All times are approximate and subject to change.

Main Stage

10:00 A.M. Live Music from the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington D.C.

10:20 A.M. Victor Harris

10:30 A.M. Live Music from Shelley Segal

11:00 A.M. National Anthem and Pledge of Allegiance – JT Eberhard and Lyz Liddell

11:10 A.M. Welcoming Remarks – Lyz Liddell

11:20 A.M. D.C. Councilmember Dave Grosso

11:30 A.M. Robyn Blumner – The Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science

11:40 A.M. A Video Address from Professor Richard Dawkins

11:45 A.M. A Video Address from Ricky Gervais

11:50 A.M. Carolyn Porco

12:00 P.M. Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin

12:10 P.M. Larry Decker – Secular Coalition of America

12:20 P.M. Lizz Winstead

12:35 P.M. Penn Jillette (with Special Guest)

12:50 P.M. The Amazing James Randi

1:00 P.M. Maryam Namazie

1:15 P.M. Tony Pinn – American Humanist Association

1:25 P.M. A Video Address from Bill Maher

1:30 P.M. Live Music from The Fab Four

1:50 P.M. Minor Sponsor Recognition

1:55 P.M. Annabelle Gurwitch

2:05 P.M. Representative Bobby Scott

2:15 P.M. Andrés Roemer

2:25 P.M. Dave Silverman – American Atheists

2:35 P.M. Lawrence Krauss

2:50 P.M. Live Music from Sophia Kameron

3:00 P.M. A Video Address from Lewis Black

3:05 P.M. Representative Tulsi Gabbard

3:15 P.M. Mark White

3:25 P.M. Eddie Tabash – Center for Inquiry

3:35 P.M. Ian Harris

3:50 P.M. John de Lancie

4:05 P.M. Cara Santa Maria

4:15 P.M. Bill Nye, The Science Guy

4:30 P.M. John Davidson

4:40 P.M. Yvette d’Entremont, The SciBabe

4:50 P.M. Annie Laurie Gaylor & Dan Barker – Freedom From Religion Foundation

5:00 P.M. Julia Sweeney

5:10 P.M. Dave Rubin

5:20 P.M. Kelly Carlin

5:30 P.M. Todd Stiefel

5:50 P.M. Thank You

6:00 P.M. Live Music Featuring Members of The Wu Tang Clan: GZA, Method Man, Raekwon, Cappadonna, Killah Priest, and DJ Mathematics

7:00 P.M. Closing Remarks