Reason Rally 2016: Speak Up for Reason

June 4, 2016

On June 4, 2016 thousands of secular Americans came together at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC to Speak Up for Reason and show the rising power of the secular American voting bloc.

Showing Our Presence

The goal of the Reason Rally was to showcase the presence and power of the nonreligious voting bloc, and to demand that reason be put at the forefront of our public and political discourse. We excited and empowered attendees about that message to take back home and apply at the local and state levels.

Celebrating Secularism

Not only do we celebrate our secular, atheist, agnostic, humanist, freethinking, and nonreligious identities, we are prepared to exercise our power at the voting box to bring good sense back to government. But the Reason Rally is first and foremost a celebration — with awesome speakers, bands, entertainment, and political leaders — all there to celebrate and support the secular community.

It’s important for us as a community to just come together, be among like-minded folks, and celebrate who we are and what we’ve accomplished. We call it a “voting bloc party” because we want to capture that feeling of community and celebration alongside the strong message of growing political influence.


U.S. Representative Bobby Scott

U.S. Representative Tulsi Gabbard

Maryland State Senator Jamie Raskin

Bill Nye

Carolyn Porco

Penn Jillette

Kelly Carlin

James Randi

Killah Priest

Cara Santa Maria

John de Lancie

Bonya Ahmed

Julia Sweeney

Shelley Segal

Lizz Winstead

Anthony Pinn

Mark White

Annabelle Gurwitch

John Davidson

Ian Harris

The Fab Four

George Hrab

Paul Provenza

Sophia Kameron

Yvette “SciBabe” d’Entremont

Keith Lowell Jensen

Victor Harris

Maryam Namazie

Leighann Lord

Baba Brinkman

Lawrence Krauss

Dave Rubin

Wu-Tang Clan Members GZA, Raekwon, Method Man, Cappadonna, Mathematics

Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C.