Atheism and Religion Relation to High Rollers Casinos

Any person can be a high roller regardless of their belief. The majority of God-fearing gamblers trust in God or hope on their luck and faith as their wager on their favourite games. Losing does not make them get annoyed, depressed or addicted to gambling because they believe it is the way God wants it. Winning, on the other hand, deepens their faith in the supreme being. But non-religious gamblers rely on their skills and logic in order to scale through. They take chances and overcome the odds increasing their likelihood of making huge earning. Non-churchgoers do not bother about any person or anything while wagering which is quite unlike religious players whose belief forbids betting and refer to it as an immoral act.

Faith Effect and Risks

religion and gamblingThere are differences in faith and religious practices. According to the findings of Ellison and McFarland, it is more unlikely to find gamblers among religious groups that give a literal interpretation of biblical truth. Being known and familiar in the congregation deter members from gambling and this according to the study may be their most essential finding.

They mentioned that those members whose network of their friends included their priests are likely to refrain from any act that will be taken as immoral. The case is different for lukewarm members who are not committed to their congregation. As found by Ellison and McFarland, individuals that do not keep their religious teachings and have no strong ties with the congregation network are much likely to indulge in betting or have other problems associated with gaming.

Another group of people that are likely to be at a particular risk as found by the researchers is conservative Protestants. The reason for this according to the study is because of their unwillingness to look for a solution to an act forbidden by their denominational faith. Secondly, they don’t have any standard for moderate wagering.

Atheism-Wealth Connection

Rich Sosis, an Anthropologist at the University of Connecticut found that denominations that require members to uphold strictly to their rituals like reading the Scriptures every day and fasting from some tasty foods seemed to last longer. The reason for this according to him is that such difficult practices obstruct commitment to the denomination. People who are not able to carry on with the time-consuming rituals leave the fold. Only the devoted members remain.

Adherence to hard-to-keep ritual such as attending services on every Sunday regardless of the situation is a manifestation of one’s desire to remain with the group. On the contrary, being rational and making only a verbal profession makes your commitment to the denomination to be weak. It does not take anything away from you to profess your faith in a group. Consequently, it will be difficult for a community to decipher members who are devoted and those who are not just on basis of verbal professional of faith.

  1. Whales differentiate faith, bible, and rituals as well as church and rituals from their success.
  2. They are logical in their thinking instead of attending religious services every Sunday.
  3. They analyse, plan and think logically. This plus self-confidence helps them to be successful in life. But this is not true of the religious

“Holy Rollers” – Card Counters

Card counting is a technique used by some players to beat casino house dealer in blackjack. In this wagering strategy, they note every card they have seen and make an adjustment to their game. There are some people that have perfected this act and they make money by selling it to others. A typical example of gamers that trade this tactic for money is Colin Jones from Las Vegas who charges his students $1,500. Surprisingly, he is a Christian. Jones established a group of card counting players with Ben Crawford his friend in high school. There are over thirty people in this group.

card counting strategy from the religious point of viewThe association is convinced that their action is in line faith as they see it as a way of stopping immoral ventures from getting money. Additionally, they see nothing intrinsically sinful with card counting. For them, it is an application of mathematical thinking in the casino. They consider their earnings as a pay obtained from an employment and they settle various kinds of bills with it.

High Roller Casinos Support Charities

High rollers utilise their earnings to make a difference in people’s life by supporting charities. The donations they make to humanitarian societies benefits them as well because they are deducted from their tax. Besides, whales catch fun while wagering at the casinos which provide them with lots of perks. The casinos themselves make some money from their plays.

A typical example of big spender’s tournament organized for humanitarian purposes was the Love and Hope High Rollers Night. The aim of the contest is to raise fund for Diabetes Research Institute of UM Miller School of Medicine. Get more information about charities, religion and atheism connection to gambling for high stakes in our articles:


There are different kinds of high rollers’ tournaments including the following:

  • Freezeout: This is the commonest type of poker match. Participants in this contest are not allowed to purchase more chips after they exhaust the initial ones they bought. Thus, a player is out once they deplete their chips. You should have at least $4,500 in your bankroll to be able to join in a freezeout tourney.
  • Rebuy: This has the same features as freezeout except that contestants are allowed to purchase more chips at a specified period in the game like during the first break.
  • Turbo/super turbo: These are tournaments in which the rise in the blind levels is very quick. For the turbo, it can be between 4-6 minutes will it is not up to 3 minutes in the super This means that players don’t have much time to correct mistakes and recover from errors.
  • Guarantee: As implicit from the name, this type of competition is offered by operators with an assurance of providing a specified amount in the prize pool no matter the number of people that registered for the event.
  • Satellite: These are tournaments organized to choose contestants for a larger event. In other words, winning in a satellite contest qualifies a winner for the bigger one.

Social Gambling

social gambling benefits for high rollersSocial gaming such as WeTopia and Joy Kingdom was introduced to give fun seekers the opportunity to participate in humanitarian activities through gaming. Put different, betting in social gambling is done for charity. The points earned by players of WeTopia and Joy Kingdom is swapped for money which will be donated to charities for children and animals respectively.

Bonuses for Big Spenders

Casinos entice high rollers with some rewards. There are various kinds of bonuses for big spenders including the following:

  • Match: As the name implies, this is a type of bonus in which casinos increase the deposit of their customers by a specified percentage of their deposit sum which should not exceed a stipulated amount of money. For example, if a match incentive is 90% up to $500, this means that you will receive 90% of your total deposit which should not be above $500. You can play with the money but there are always wagering requirements governing the withdrawal of earnings obtained from the money.
  • Cashback: This type of inducement is similar to match. Here, the casino gives their customers back a certain percentage of the amount they spent wagering at the casino.
  • VIPS: This is a loyalty program initiated by an operator in order to reward gamblers that spend lots of money betting at their houses. To qualify for this program, one has to spend a certain amount of money on betting. Customers registered in this programme receive certain impressive perks like 24/7 support services, tickets to expensive shows and events, accommodation in a luxury hotel and resorts, free meals and the likes.

Tips to Avoid Gambling Addiction

  1. Create a feasible playing schedule for yourself.
    • Keep to the schedule
    • Have a coach that will help you uphold your plan and monitor your progress
    • Don’t give up when you go against your plan
  2. Control the game
    • Be the master of the game as well as yourself
    • Don’t bother about what other people think of you
    • Place bets that you think are most suitable for you which others may see as stupid
  3. Develop patience
    • Don’t force yourself to be perfect in the casino as there is no such thing as a perfect player
    • You need the patience to achieve transformation.
    • Always forgive yourself for your mistakes as nobody is above it. Remember that the Scriptures say only God is perfect. Humans are only aspiring to be perfect. So, sometimes, you may make expensive mistakes, but you don’t have to kill yourself over that.