Atheists’ Concept of Winning with Casino Bonuses

What does luck actually mean for an atheist? It is simply a word but not the real thing. Irreligious people free of superstitions think reasonably. And they rely mostly on strategies and Math while playing casino activities. Knowing your odds, bankroll management, game skills, and a clear mind are their keys to success. Gaming rooms offer countless promotions for such pragmatic players. Understanding bonus mechanics can not only save your cash but multiply it several times. This guide describes essential gambling features such as WR, EV, RTP, odds and house edge.

Knowing the Expected Value (EV) of the Bonus

The Expected Value of the prize may be either positive or negative. If you want to profit from the bonus, then you have to understand how to calculate this parameter. For this, use the formula: gift size – (WR * house edge).

  • The house edge (HE) of, for example, 1% means that you lose $1 with each $100 you wager.
  • Wagering requirements (let it be 30x) mean how many times you need to stake your award amount to be able to cash it out.

casino bonus for atheistsLet us imagine you want to claim a 200% reward up to $400. Using the previous values of HE and WR, our equation is: 400 – (12,000 * 1%) = 280. This means you will earn $280. HE varies from one game to another. For Roulette, it is 5% which is quite high. 12,000 * 5% = 600. Consequently, 400 – 600 = -200. Thus, you will lose $200. To profit from the casino promotions, you need to do two things:

  • Play with positive EV presents
  • Place small bets to satisfy the playthrough

The Real Case

Playing with small WR and HE games, people earned decent money. That was in the days of aggressive bonus hunting, when operators set relatively low requirements toward their rewards. Generally, the prize conditions and EV calculation allowed gamers gained around 50% of their promo anyway.


Casinos then made the conditions trickier. Now, different games have varying “contribution to wagering requirements”. For example, only $5 of your $100 bet on Craps will be counted to WR. Playthrough rules were also toughened. You have to wager your promo amount 40+ times on an average. In some cases, you have to roll over the gift and your deposit. Besides that, some betting strategies were forbidden. For instance, gaming rooms prohibit staking on an entire Roulette wheel or all numbers in dice games. These measures ensure betting rooms constant profits from reward programs.

No Deposit Casino Bonus Tips

You will not be able to use complicated tactics while playing with free spins. Each FS has the predetermined value. Thus, the only thing you can do is actually press a button and wait for the outcome. If you wager them all in a couple of bets, you can risk losing the prize very quickly. On the other hand, making small stakes can be also risky as well. The balance is your best choice. Be careful with conditions such as maximum withdrawal amount of $200-$300 on an average. If you win more than that, the rest of your money will either remain on the account or disappear. This depends on a betting room.

Effective Bet Size

atheism concept about casino bonusIn case of slot machines, there is no need in placing big bets. The players estimated that small wagers are far more effective. That works with high, medium and low variance slots. High volatility games can reward you with a great jackpot but at the same time, you can quickly lose. The wise decision is to choose low or medium games. You will save your budget but increase it a little slower. Staking from 0.30% to 0.50% of your prize amount will be the best option.

Correlation Between Wins and RTP

RTP percentage is the value which denotes how often the slot machine pays off cash. For instance, 97% means the game will return you 97% of the wagered money. However, it does not mean that you cannot make a profit.

This percentage shows long-term statistics. Thus, you cannot win in a long run. There is a clear connection between Return-To-Player and outcomes. Choose high-value amusements since you have five times more winning chances in comparison with 90% games.

Advice to Play Successfully

Here we give the ultimate tips for successful play:

  • Bankroll sum has to be significant. According to the statistics, you have up to 70% chances to lose with even $2,000. With $10,000 you can end up with some additional cash in 8 cases of 10. Bringing over $50,000 guarantees you the profitable session.
  • A bunch of slot machines has a built-in double up feature. Use it. This actually means you can double each particular win. But then you are to lose it with 50% chances.
  • Choose the rewards which are not connected to your deposit. This means you can withdraw the winnings from your investment amount without rollover in case you do not touch the prize. There are instances when such presents have no maximum bet size and game restrictions. So, your tactics should be the following – you wager around 5% of your money and then withdraw the winnings. If you lose about 16% of the contribution, you can involve the gift and then complete the WR.