Should Casino Players Give Bonuses for Pastors and Church Staff?

Today we are going to talk about charity and gambling activities. Many casino players are in fact, religious people. They attend church and pray to the Creator. No, biblical canons do not directly forbid betting. Vicious feelings such as greed, frustration, envy, and anger pull you away from God. Betting activities make you to feel angry because of failure, you may be depressed with the results. However, in fact, any activity can cause such feelings.

help for pastorsMoreover, faithful people tend to follow the Bible and place bets with no financial interest. If it is a kind of entertainment, it will be completely “legal”. It all depends on a person. In addition, the believers, not only stay with God, but they also strengthen their faith since they rely on his will while playing. There was even a Christian Blackjack professional team. Thus, staking is not as sinful, as it was described by the communities in the past.

Now it is time to speak of welfare. The casino players often raise funds for their churches. Why do they actually do this? They demonstrate their altruistic nature. They want to make the world better. They want to please their Lord. And they want to support the church servants, who often struggle from poverty. We will describe the reasons for you, as a gamer, to give the clergy a bonus you received at a staking room.

What’s the Problem?

The problem is that many of the pastors and church staff, in general, suffer from low wages. Some of them spend their lives in poverty. If you smile now and think it is impossible because of officially stated pastor salaries of around $40K-$50K/year, you are wrong. Many churches do not have any capabilities to pay their staff an adequate salary.

Many of the servants are underpaid. The stated reward may be real, but it often includes various reimbursements. For instance, a priest uses his car for business purposes. Petrol and maintenance operation expenditures are the part of the compensation. Thus, the real pay is a lot smaller.

Due to faith reasons, they are not allowed to run a traditional business. Clergy serve the needs of their communities. They provide assistance to many people, manage worships, and attend funerals and weddings. Moreover, they have to manage some financial church aspects. Thus, they have no time for running a business, even if it was allowed by Faith. Many of them quit their position due to financial struggle. It is difficult to judge them because they spend their lives under pressure. Without the proper compensation, ministry becomes a real burden with the course of time. But they prefer to avoid this talking point because of their status and modesty.

Bonus Program from Casino Players

casino bonuses for church staffThus, the clergy really make ends meet. They need financial assistance to live a normal life. Have you ever heard of charitable betting rooms?  Basically, these operators contribute certain part of their profits to various foundations, charities, and religious organizations. Some operators arrange public raffles and bingo games. These events gather decent amounts for donations.

The collected money from tickets, then goes to the foundations. Organizers donate up to 40% of the funds generated. The rest is paid to gamers in a form of winnings. Another fundraising activity is tournaments. High roller competitions comprise thousands of people who play with thousands of dollars. Usually, the operators support the institutions with cash from buy-in payments.

Considering the average entry pay of $10,000-$20,000 at elite contests, the aid is enough to supply a dozen church staff for a year. Many whales come there and contribute hundreds of thousands to philanthropic organizations. If you are one of them, you can also do your part. For instance, you can give a portion of your winnings to your local church.