Charity Casino Bonuses – Types and Features

The gaming industry is, first of all, about making profits by offering entertaining games. On the other hand, many online betting rooms make a decision to raise funds for charities. Sportsbooks and large staking houses altogether sponsor charitable organizations with millions of dollars yearly. How do they gather money for welfare? It is no secret that websites generate income mainly from your failed bets. The more you lose, the more they get.

Actually, the houses always benefit due to the return-to-player percentage (which is always less than 100% in the long-term). They contribute to welfare as little as 0.1% of their profits. Apparently, even this small percentage can help significantly. There are also gaming houses which speak of themselves as charity operators. They donate up to 50% of their revenues. A small casino can generate around half a million dollars monthly. Thus, a single operator can deliver up to 3 million annually.

Main Bonus Types at Charity Casinos

In terms of promotions, there is no actual difference between regular and welfare-oriented gaming rooms. Charity betting houses offer as many bonus types as the regular casinos. They are welcome, regular, match, no-deposit and VIP prizes. We will describe them below.

Welcome Promo

bonuses at charity casinosA typical welcome package consists of cash and additional perks such as free spins of chips. For instance, the average gift may consist of $200-$300 plus 50-100 gratis turns in the games. You can be credited for this gift on a single occasion after registering at the staking house.

Also, you are always to deposit a minimum sum – from low $1 to high $100-$200 for elite players. Sometimes the promo can be split up into several first investments – usually 3 or 4. Let us imagine your present is $300. You can get $100 within the first contribution and $200 within two successive ones.

Match Percentage

The betting rooms also determine the size of the prize according to your investment amount. But it is always limited to a particular sum. Let us imagine your website offers you an incredible 200% bonus up to $500. It means you can get this $500 if you make an investment of $250. If you fund your account with, for example, $200, you will receive only $400. And, If 200% of your sum exceeds half a thousand, the rest will not be credited as a reward. A lot of the sign-up and regular promotions work according to this principle.

Free Spins for Charity Slots

As we mentioned before, you can receive free turns in some games, usually slot machines. They can not only be a part of a paid cash bonus, but also a separate no-deposit promotion. But, in the case of the free gift, you will not get many FS. The betting rooms offer from 10 to 50 gratis spins on an average. Usually, they equal a minimum bet amount. If it is $1 and you have 10 chargeless turns at your disposal, there will be actually $10 to spend.

VIP Programs

charity casino rewardsLoyalty programs remain the main promotion means for gambling rooms which want to attract consistent big spenders. To qualify for the VIP program, the player needs to either make a single large deposit or spend a certain amount in the course of a month. Being a loyal gambler is pretty beneficial:

  • You get higher limits for withdrawals;
  • Gaming house offers you exclusive promotions (such as birthday presents) by invitation;
  • You get invitations to private casino parties and other entertaining events;
  • You win tickets to exotic destinations;
  • You are allowed to participate in exclusive tournaments;
  • You can convert so-called comp points into real money. You collect these points by placing bets;
  • The dedicated manager helps you with

What captivates the gamers is the feeling of exclusiveness. Luxurious treatment makes them feel special and valuable. This is completely true since high rollers generate up to 80% of all casino profits. No wonder they are incredibly appreciated.

Why Charity Casinos Give Bonuses?

Betting rooms, not only charity ones, attract players by successful promotion campaigns. Operators, raising money for welfare, pay special attention to bonuses. The more people spend, the more a website can donate. Moreover, even free presents are actually paid due to wagering requirements. Gamers have to wager the amounts which are several times larger than the gifts. Thus, promos are the stable source of income.