Insight of Referral or Refer-A-Friend Casino Bonus

Gaming houses created advanced incentive programs for players. One of them is refer-a-friend-bonus. When it comes to promotion techniques, direct marketing can become incredibly efficient. That is why staking rooms actively use this approach through this promo type. Basically, it is a prize that is given to you when you invite people to place bets in a casino. It works like that:

  • You register an account at a casino.
  • Go to the promotion page.
  • Find the referral program.
  • Get cash for every person you invite.

Your friends have to register using your link (staking house will give it to you). You can e-mail your fellows and provide them the reference. Or you can publish it on your blog or social network profile, personal website etc. This method can bring you extra money much faster. You start earning cash right after the invited people make a deposit.

Forms of Refer-A-Friend Bonus

Bonus for you and for your friend

This reward may be in various forms. The most common is cash. For example, you get $50 for each invitation. Other forms include free play and spins in games. You can expect from 10 to 100 FS for a friend. This means you can make some bets in slots, for instance, without spending your own cash.

Free play means you can spend the fixed amount, usually, $200-$300 or even more than $500 for an hour. This promotion often has restrictions on amusements similar to gratis turns.

Gaming rooms can also offer you a match referral prize. This determines the percentage of your fellow’s deposit. For example, your friend makes a contribution of $200. You will be awarded 50%-100% of his investment. If you applied for the loyalty program, you can be awarded with additional complimentary points.

Benefits for Your Pal

Your friend also gets some perks. He or she must be a newcomer to a casino. Thus, your pal gets the welcome reward in a form of cash usually accompanied with free spins. Besides that, your partner also benefits from the referral promotion. This may be additional free spins, extra cash, cashback of the first loss or even the same kind of the gift you get from the successful invitation. So, your buddy receives two presents all at once. But, some operators do not allow any promos in a row with referral ones.

Soft Wagering Requirements

Bonus for invitation of your friend

Refer-a-friend reward, like any other promotion, usually is a subject to playthrough conditions. Gaming houses can set unique wagering rules for referral prizes. For instance, there may be no rollover at all. Thus, once your friends make a deposit and you get the cash, you can withdraw it. But this is a rare occasion. Wagering rules are likely to be softer. For example, you may be obliged to stake your total prize amount only 5-10 times. But there may be also exceptions like 70x rollover. Always check the Terms and Conditions page of your gaming house.

Maximum Amount of Mates

No gaming room will let you invite as many fellows as you can, or you want. Sure, it may sound beneficial since you increase the traffic and thus cash flow to a casino. But it has to pay you constant bonuses, which is hardly possible. Moreover, the infinite number of invitations will break the WR and other conditions system.

Will you be able to complete even 10x rollover of $50 gathered from 1500 invitations? Obviously, it is impossible. That is why staking houses limit the maximal number of invited people. On an average, you can invite from 5 to 20 individuals. In other cases, a casino allows you bringing as many people as you want, but you will receive benefits only from 5-20 pals.