Sen. Tom Harkin Will Appear in a Video Message at the Reason Rally

Senator Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) has agreed to appear (PDF) in a videotaped message that will play during the Reason Rally.

tom harkin
He will join Representative Pete Stark (D-California) as politicians addressing the gathering:

Said a Harkin spokesperson, “Just like the rest of his colleagues in Congress, Senator Harkin, a lifelong Catholic, strongly endorses the Constitutional guarantee of freedom of speech. It was out of this conviction that he agreed to the invitation to send a video welcome to those exercising their Constitutional right on the national mall.”

Senator Harkin has served in the United States Senate for 27 years, serving an additional 10 years in the House of Representatives before that. The Secular Coalition for America, a sponsor of the Reason Rally, gave Harkin an “A” on their 2009 Senate Scorecard, a mark of how well his legislative votes defended secular values.

We look forward to hearing the messages from Sen. Harkin and Rep. Pete Stark at the Rally!