Casino Bonuses for VIP and Charity Donations

The gaming industry is an extremely competitive environment. There are over 4,000 online casinos in the industry. They all attract the audience by various means. One of the most effective ways is featuring promotions for new and existing players. They are generous and beneficial. However, VIP prizes stand out from the countless offers. An exclusive status gives you a plenty of gifts which are inaccessible to the majority of online betting room visitors. You also receive other benefits:

  • Extended financial opportunities. You get the higher deposit and withdrawal amount limits.
  • You get higher conversion rates for comp points.
  • The personal manager assists you 24/7.
  • You are given access to exclusive events.

Structure of Loyalty Scheme

Loyalty schemes are structured according to the level system. The higher tier you have, the more perks you get. To reach each particular stage you need to collect a fixed amount of complimentary points. You collect them while playing the games. Being at the top position, you can expect the most generous gifts and expensive luxurious treatment.

vip bonus donations Staking houses offer so much attention to loyal players due to the financial interest. These gamers, as the rule, are high rollers. They spend incredibly large amounts of cash every month. And these people generate the major part of the revenues for operators. In exchange for the constant money flow, they receive unique entertainment features. Thus, each party benefits from this sort of cooperation.

Tiers Program

The above-mentioned level systems consist of several stages. This parameter depends on a casino. Generally, there are 3 tiers, for instance, silver, gold and platinum/diamond. Sometimes the first level is bronze or “newbie” one. The purpose of such ranking is to reward gamers in a more convenient way and according to their diligence. To reach each step, you need loyalty points.

At each staking house, the number of LP varies. For example, to get to the platinum position you will need 50,000 comps each worth of $10. The total amount to wager will be $500,000. Some betting rooms require 5,000,000 points. Even if each of them is $1-worth, it will be an insanely huge sum.

Forms of Gifts Player Can Expect

Casinos reward consistent players with multiple promotion and other gifts:

  • Birthday present. At most gaming rooms, it is available since the first level in the VIP program. This may be something creative like a dinner at the luxurious restaurant. Some operators offer b-day rewards in a form of bonuses on different games.
  • Overall, you get much bigger reload and holiday prizes. Instead of common 50% up to $200, you can expect $1,000+. But be ready to wager 30-40 times more while completing the turnover.
  • You can earn tickets to exclusive tournaments.
  • Gaming rooms invite you to the private parties, excursion, and trips to exotic destinations.

Converting Comp Points

vip awards and charitiesThe complimentary points can be converted into real money. Although it may sound great, the reality is different. You will not earn too much in this way since usually $1 is worth 100 points. On the other hand, the conversion rate increases with each level. Being on the top, you can covert 80 or 70 CP into $1.

Getting Loyalty Casino Bonus

How to get an access to the exclusive club and enjoy all the perks? Each betting room has different requirements. Playing on some websites, you simply need to make a single deposit of a decent sum. The minimal contribution is $1,000 on an average. Other staking houses want consistent play. In this case, you will need to fund your account 10 and more times in the course of a month. Some operators approach the procedure in a more private way – by the invitation e-mail.

Charitable Evenings for VIPs

VIPs tend to consider casino activities, not the means of generating incomes but the entertainment. Generally, they spend far more than earn playing games of chance. Hence many of them prefer charitable gaming rooms. At these websites, you can place bets and your losses will then be donated to welfare institutions. Some high rollers contribute to charities with the help of a comp point conversion system. They convert CP into real cash and then invest it into the foundations. Charitable gaming is also possible via tournaments. In this case, the operators raise “buy-in” investments from the participants. All in all, gambling is a good means of combining philanthropy with amusement.