PZ Myers Voices His Support for the Reason Rally

PZ Myers recently sat down for an interview in which he discussed his support for the Reason Rally and why you all should make plans to come!

In summary, this is a chance to show the government that we’re a large and cohesive community with certain goals we’re passionate about achieving. The Reason Rally will also put a human face on atheism.One of the weaknesses of the atheist movement has always been fragmentation. PZ thinks it’s important that we agree on a common core of values and get together to pursue those goals. His purpose at the rally is to emphasize the connection between atheism (and its championing of evidence and reason) and science. PZ decries the influence of religion on politics — people claiming they have answers when their beliefs are unfounded.PZ says that the Reason Rally will show that there is a constituency that will not settle for platitudes, that will demand concrete and physical steps toward solutions, and for that reason, he thinks it will have broader appeal than just the atheist community.”This is the Reason Rally for pragmatism and real-world solutions. And that will appeal to a large number of people.”(Thanks to Megan for the helpful summary!)


  1. Tory says:

    Will Sam Singleton, the Atheist Evangelist be one of the speakers?

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