Therapy for Gambling Addicted High Rollers

Many punters become addicted to casino activities. But what is the addiction? Most of the problem gamers play too long and waste too much money for the amusements. If you thirst for winning a jackpot and stake every single day or night you may have some trouble. Such individuals cannot spot and thus even take loans from betting houses to cover their losses. Big spenders are the especially vulnerable category as they tend to bring thousands of dollars to staking rooms.

Most of these people are celebrities, businessmen, famous sportsmen and thus can spend thousands and even millions while placing bets. For example, Charles Barkley proved he lost over $2.5 million in one day. He was indebted to the casino. The sum was incredible – $400,000. Hopefully, these people confess their state and try to recover. Fortunately, there are many organizations such as Gamblers Anonymous or SMART Recovery which specialize on pathological wagering. In this article, we will describe the main factors causing an unhealthy attitude to playing and the ways to solve the issue.

Action Play Factors

gambling addicted high rollersOn the other hand, you have to fight against the addiction on your own regardless of what support you receive. To make this effective you need to determine what your gaming consists of. To be a big spender you actually need money, time and a betting room. Estimate how long you spend while playing. How frequently does this happen?

Make the calculations and then see how much effort staking involves. The most important thing, however, is your desire to gamble. If the burning passion to beat a casino does not let you cease wagering, try to estimate how much money you spend. Write down everything connected with your gaming life. This will help you clearly understand what to do with all the stuff.

High Rollers Measures to Avoid Addiction

When you determined the essential factors of your gaming, it is time to restrain them. Speaking of the betting room, the situation is complex. Most of the addicted punters try to look like everything is okay. They hide their wagering and thus play online rather than visit onsite rooms. Thus, it is necessary to delete all the digital casino accounts. If you have mobile staking applications, remove them. Or download games such as shooters, RTS, adventures, and others. They are much more interesting. Speaking of time, the key point is to force out gambling of your daily routine and leisure. Replace it with healthy activities.

Try to communicate with your relatives outdoors. Visit a museum, an excursion. Spend your weekends at a campsite, etc. When it comes to your funds, just imagine how many things you could buy on them instead of just risking them and lose. The average buy-in at high roller Poker competition can reach $25,000. The players bring hundreds of thousands for wagering.
gambling addiction therapyJust imagine you could buy a SUV like Chevrolet Trax for 21-23 thousand dollars. Don’t you regret wasting so much for an illusory chance of hitting a jackpot? If you cannot still abstain, then order your family to manage your funds. Literally, ask them to give you cash within small portions. Do this for the sake of your family wealth.

Professional Aid for Big Spenders

If your efforts make no sense and you cannot get rid of wagering on your own, it is time to involve professional support. The above-mentioned organizations provide complex aid for compulsive gamblers. They offer psychological treatment in rehabilitation centers. Their tests will reveal any related mental disorders and thus ensure effective cure. Methods include cognitive behavior therapy, medications, and physical exercises. The agencies also offer educational courses on the harmful influence of staking. Also, the therapy includes financier support for managing gaming debts.