Prevalence of God Belief or Skills at High Roller Casinos

What makes people good at casino games? What brings them success? Many people think these winners are lucky fellows. They go and buy lottery tickets praying to God and hoping for a jackpot. Some gamers think it is impossible to win without faith in the Creator or luck. Others believe it is possible only if you have a decent experience and skills. Religious gamblers exercise rituals, believing in supernatural powers. Others study the games, read about strategies, make a deep analysis of the sessions and develop their own plan. But who is right? Is gambling worth planning? Or it would be simpler and less nervous just to rely on fortune? In this article, we will discuss the divine or the supernatural impact and logic in the games of chance and skill.

Pros and Cons for Supernatural Influence

skills vs god beliefsTo be fair, it is impossible to prove either the existence or absence of supernatural powers and creatures. We cannot actually measure or detect them. But many people believe they are real and consider their success in gambling the result of the mysterious influence. Due to the ambiguity of these claims, we would like to concentrate on the psychological aspects of this approach. First of all, let us speak on the advantages of believing in superpowers for gamers:

  • Your gambling life becomes simpler. If everything is in God’s will, there is no need to bother about tactics.
  • Due to the statement above, getting upset because of failure is useless. Religious people try to be patient, modest and conformable. If you lost, then God desired that and you pleased him. Maybe he prepared something luring for you in other fields. It may be upcoming job opportunities or livelong sweetheart you will meet.
  • If the God’s servant wins, his devotion will be even stronger. Inspired by the success, he may place more bets. Such high rollers, due to enormous financial opportunities, may start raising money to charities, pleasing their Creator.

On the other side, there are plenty of disadvantages:

  • Almost every major religion condemns betting. For instance, Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism prohibit casino activities. The follower may feel blame for visiting a staking room or playing online.
  • You actually hope for some sort of external aid, which existence is actually not proven. You miss the opportunity to initiate reliable working schemes of beating the house and the opponents.

Opinions Regarding High Roller Skills

high rollers skills opinionsIf the individual has the logical approach to betting, he or she has twice as more chances to win. For instance, most of the high rollers tend to play the skill-based games. Poker winners would not stand in the top ratings if they did not think of the tactics. The player’s experience and skills, as opposed to magic, bring the clear results in the form of large prizes.

The advantages of professionalism:

  • You can evaluate the odds and make the right decisions very often.
  • You understand the risks.
  • Most of the strategies save your bankroll. Such high rollers become big winners rather than big spenders.
  • You develop yourself by learning something new all the time. And you evolve patience and moderation.
  • You learn about your rival. Professional gamers detect bluffing more often. On the other side, they learn the art of hype to the maximum.
  • You start thinking globally, set aims and make them real.
  • You stop wasting time on slot machines and other games of chance, therefore, saving your money.

On the other side, it requires great efforts and hard work. Not every gamer can master it. It requires wagering regularly, experience failures and a lot of brainwork. But through it all, people become professionals and make their fortune. Moreover, religious people also study all the aspects of gambling. For instance, the famous group of Christian “holy rollers” won over 3 million dollars in several years. And the percentage of winning session was far higher than the failures.