Wealth and Atheism Concept for High Roller Casinos

Who are high rollers? And what they get money from? The typical big spender can leave from $50,000 to $75,000 at a casino table. There are cases when people spent hundreds of thousands and even millions at betting rooms. So, as they can afford such insanely large expenses on fun, they definitely know something about success. Some of the whales become experts in card games and win championships. The prizes are measured in millions of dollars. Some think their success comes from Atheism. They guess religion has no connection with high stakes and wealthy people.

atheism religion conceptIt is true due to numerous reasons. First of all, the world religions forbid casino games. The believers must not gamble or be engaged in any of the amusements. Atheists, to the contrary, are free from the limitations imposed by Faith. The followers have simply no understanding of betting.

The real success in gambling exemplified by Poker championships comes from the consistent playing and practicing in this activity. Professionalism is the result of experience. Wealth and luxury are the notions of the irreligious society. The Bible and the similar manuscripts condemn materialism and the pursuance of enrichment.

Atheism over Religion

Religion, in comparison with atheism, seems to be a little bit strict. The believers have to constantly follow the rules. They have exercise rituals like prayers, fasting several times a year and many others. They have to restrain themselves from various things which are normally acceptable in an atheistic society.

They are forbidden to gamble, eat much and recreate too much. They are forbidden to overemotionally respond to something irritating. Faith demands patience forgivingness, modesty, and thankfulness to the Creator. The average person wouldn’t be able to diligently follow all the rules.

Being devotional is difficult. On the other hand, being an atheist is far simpler.  For an irreligious person, it is easier to go to a casino and make some stakes to get relaxed and excited. He or she will not feel blame for it. Furthermore, free-thinkers are less vulnerable to various misbeliefs. To the contrary, religion generates a lot of delusions and superstitions. They may severely harm the individual who decided to place bets at a staking room.

Is High Rollers Status the Result of Being Atheists?

wealth and atheism meaning for high rollersAs we mentioned before, religion is full of misconceptions. Moreover, the concept of faith itself is harmful. The blind faith in what is written in, for instance, in the Bible, destroys the person’s analytical apparatus. The fundamental “everything is God’s will” makes the person rely upon the non-existing superpowers. The reality is different though, and the believers will very likely to lose in whatever casino game they play.

Atheism, to the contrary, affects the individual’s perception of gambling in a positive way. The high bettor, being an atheist, sees the world as it is. The whale will never depend on the religious rituals or consider superstitions. He/she will make a plan, analyze the rival, and study the game specifics instead. This approach is a key to success in the skill-based betting amusements.

Wealth is Not Easy to Reach

Thus, Atheism has the connection with the success in gaming. On the other hand, high rollers’ wealth is the result of great efforts and persistence. You have to work hard, be a self-confident and risk-taking person to make a fortune by playing skill-based casino amusements.  It also requires investments.

The whales were not born already professionals. They gained their experience and skills by spending big and playing long. Others made their fortune developing their business. Now they can afford to spend thousands at staking rooms. Anyway, being the rich requires titanic efforts. Neither God nor luck will do this for you.