High Roller Casinos with Religion Influence

Each religion, being a kind of global outlook, generally separates the world into two oppositions – evil and good. Gambling belongs to the first category in most of the world beliefs. It is considered that laying odds violates the fundamental principle – full devotion to God. Gamblers, to the contrary, rely on a chance. Wagering, the wish to gain money from nothing, originates from greed. At least these reasons make it a vice and sinful activity. But this contradiction comes from the very real issue.

casinos with religion influenceCompulsive staking is a serious problem which requires careful treatment and preventive measures. Many people play the games of chance and some of them spend enormous amounts of cash. High rollers, for instance, tend to visit betting rooms more often than other players and wager a lot more as well.

But many of them believe in God and the faith eggs them on getting rid of the vice. Some of them try to turn this sin into a benefit by raising the winnings for the noble purposes. These Christians bear the name “Holy Rollers”.

High Roller Casinos-Religious Statistics

It is estimated that the churchgoers tend to have more close friends and overall support. And these people are less likely to suffer from compulsive gambling. The houses of worship apply preventive measures and support organizations curing the addiction as well. The faith plays a major role here. The believers realize all the consequences of the sin. Thus, it is clearly shown that the religion struggles against gaming. It is reflected in the statistic: the percentage of self-exclusion rose from 4% to 5.4%.

Researchers Conclusions

The surveys and research revealed that there is a correlation between:

  • Religion branch and gambling rate.
  • Compulsive betting cases and the way people attend church.

Orthodox Christianity stays in the greater opposition with staking. Any games are forbidden for both clergy and laypeople. In addition, there is a larger percent of dedicated believers who strictly follow the religious principles. Due to these circumstances, there are fewer cases of problem gambling among Orthodox members. Secondly, the churchgoers who prefer attending houses of worship within congregations, place bets more rarely or even do not wager at all.

1 – High Rollers Congregation Works

religion casino influenceAccording to the statistic, the addicted high rollers can efficiently overcome the problem, attending church within the groups. It is a lot easier for them to resist, being surrounded by friends and like-minded people. Moreover, the psychologists state that group treatment is one of the key factors.

The person is less likely to self-chastise. He or she does not feel so much shame and guilt. It greatly helps to overcome the addiction. Step-by-step the players learn to live without the games of chance.

2 – Risks for Different Religious

To the contrary, Protestantism and Catholicism do not directly oppose gambling. The attitude is rather neutral. The doctrines say betting may be wrong and immoral as well as noble and beneficial. It largely depends on the attitude of a player. For instance, if you place stakes just for fun without any financial interest, it will be acceptable. The same rule applies to the charitable gambling.

This approach is far more moderate. On the other hand, it contributes to the cases of compulsive wagering. The person may be under the delusion. He or she may think everything is okay while already being addicted. The gamers may justify and convince themselves that nothing is wrong with them. The statistics approve this statement. 36 % of Catholics and 17% of Protestants fall into the category of high-frequency betting cases. The unwillingness to acknowledge the problem slows down its solution.