Reasons of High Rollers and Casino Struggle

Who are high rollers? These players leave incredibly large amounts of money at betting houses. They prefer wagering big and play frequently as well. And they feel comfortable at high roller staking houses. These two parties attract each other due to numerous reasons. Generally, the casino whales seek a luxurious service and lucrative bonuses. On the other side, some gaming rooms experience financial troubles. Inviting a dozen big spenders would fix the situation. Anyway, both sides benefit from this form of cooperation.

High Rollers Motives

highrollers vs casinosIf you are extremely rich you may want some entertainment. And perhaps you wish to try some exotic things. And for high rollers these amusements are casinos. Most of them enter a betting room planning to beat it. These people wish to dominate. They think everybody around to respect them.

They thirst for fame and recognition in every deal they start. And if the whales try games, they will play until they win or lose all the funds. Winning big money is not their motivation. They already have millions on their bank accounts. Challenge and passion are their incentives.

On the other side, another motive for placing high bets is depression. Yes, for some people it is the way to escape from problems and frustration. It is a jolt of fresh air. Some suffer from real gambling addiction, and the huge capital allows them to continue. But, luxurious offers and perks make high rollers stay at a house. Most of the wealthy gamers participate in loyalty programs.

For those who love gambling, they open endless opportunities. The whales receive much larger bonuses on their favorite games. Moreover, the operators offer overwhelming assistance to such customers. The dedicated pleasant person will support you in operating your account. You will get special gifts for your birthday. Other gaming-related benefits are:

  • Faster and bigger deposits/withdrawals.
  • Private rooms and exclusive meals at onsite betting houses.
  • Private auto to deliver you to the casino.
  • Invitations to tournaments and other gaming events.
  • Besides these perks, your operator will offer you other great presents:
  • Tickets to resorts, concerts, shows and other entertaining events.
  • Excursions by yacht/ jet/ another luxurious vehicle.
  • Dinners at most expensive restaurants.

Thus, wagering big at the brick-and-mortar and online establishments makes real sense for prosperous bettors.

Why Casinos Like Whales?

Casinos’ financial interest causes all the above-mentioned benefits for high rollers. It is estimated that over 60% of the incomes generated come from the whales. Other thousands of players contribute to the rest 40%. For the average betting room, it means adjusting its services to the needs of big spenders. The more of them you attract, the more revenues you will derive. Although the gaming rooms offer very expensive services and in-game features, they profit a lot more than spend. They avoid risks with the help of wagering requirements, house edge, and amusements variety.

Always Have Profits Due to House Edge

casinos and high rollers struggleBasically, the house edge is the gaming venue advantage over a long-term play. Some percentage of all the bets you placed goes to the betting room regardless of the outcome. Let us take 5%. This means if you made thousand 100-dollar turns in slots, you would spend $100,000 but get back $95,000.

The rest five thousand dollars will stay at the house regardless of your win rate. This works only when players gamble for a very long period of time. But, anyway, the gaming room wins in the end. Card games return you more because of lower casino advantage. And, slots, for instance, are programmed to return you from 90% to 99%.

Prevailing of Non-Skilled Games

Slot machines prevail at a typical high roller casino. The operator buys amusements from numerous software providers. The players can choose from classic, themed, video, plot-oriented slots. It makes sense because of the house edge, first of all. Also, such games (as well as Roulette and dice variations) require minimum skill and efforts.

You need to actually press the ”spin” button and wait. This makes them popular therefore more profitable for gambling establishments. The win percentage is extremely low. For instance, the player can simply stake thousands on the roulette numbers which will fail. Millions of possible combinations, randomness, and ridiculously low odds make the big spenders lose their cash very quickly.

Giving Credits to High Rollers

If a high roller loses all the funds, he or she can take a credit at the casino’s cashier. The players hope they can cover the losses and the loan. Betting rooms provide noninterest-bearing lending. The gamers are to return it back in time. For instance, you need to cover the debts in 45 days if your amount exceeds $5,000. If the player does not pay it, the gaming house will have to confiscate his or her property. Severe cases may result in a prison sentence for the debtor.