Wu-Tang Clan Members to Bring the Shaolin to Reason Rally 2016

Members of the Wu-Tang Clan will entice a broader audience to join Reason Rally 2016 and the celebration of a rising voting bloc: the unaffiliated.

Washington, D.C. — April 18, 2016 — The appeal of public policy free of religion crosses age and demographic lines, as highlighted by today’s announcement  that members of the Wu-Tang Clan will bring their raw sound and razor-sharp lyrics to the mainstage of Reason Rally 2016 in DC on June 4. They’ll be performing at the largest gathering of nonreligious people in history as this often-ignored voting bloc comes together to demand that politicians put facts over faith.

The Wu-Tang Clan stormed the hip hop scene in the early ‘90s and have been an enduring, gritty musical force since. They’ll be joined at the Rally by scientists, activists, comedians, actors, and clan-affiliate Killah Priest as they give voice to the 23% of American adults who are nonreligious and want their government to follow suit.

Their music, such as A Better Tomorrow, is critical of organized religion and calls for making the world better by taking action. Wu-Tang Clan members who will appear at the rally are:

GZA, known as The Genius for his masterful wordplay and meaningful references.

Method Man, often called Johnny Blaze with his raspy flow and witty lyricism.

Cappadonna, often referred to as Cappachino, has been featured on featured on more than 25 releases with members of the Clan.

Raekwon, the chef, with his vivid storytelling that is apparent in the Wu-Tang Clan classic C.R.E.A.M.

Reason Rally 2016 crosses all demographic lines because, in the midst of an unreasonable election season, it calls for reason and fact-based public policy. The Rally will also call attention to the growth of secular and unaffiliated “nones” in the American electorate, who are fast catching up to the much-courted religious right.

As part of the multi-day event, Rally attendees will make their voting power felt. On June 2 and 3rd, the Secular Coalition of America will lead participants to the Capitol to lobby for teen sex education that works. On June 5, the Rally will conclude with a one-day conference that will show participants how to make their secular voices heard at the local level.

Disillusionment with policy based on religion of any kind — from women’s reproductive rights to the civil rights of the LGBT community — has drawn an impressive mix of A-list speakers and performers to the event. Among the speakers: Amber Heard, Johnny Depp, Bill Nye, Carolyn Porco, Julia Sweeney, to name a few. Entertaining the crowd will be the Fab Four — a Beatles Cover band —  the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington DC, Shelley Segal, and Sophia Kameron, among others.

For more about the speakers and the schedule of events, visit the website  Reason Rally 2016 [reasonrally.org]

Contact: Lyz Liddell [lyz@reasonrally.org]


About Reason Rally 2016

Reason Rally 2016 is a celebration of fact-driven public policy, the value of critical thinking, and the voting power of secular Americans. The Rally will be held June 2- 5, 2016, at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington DC. Two days of lobbying will precede the Rally itself on June 4 and a conference will be held Sunday, June 5. Participants will be joined by speakers, entertainers, top-level scientists, and political leaders as they celebrate their secular, humanist and other nonreligious identities.


Reason Rally 2016 is fully accessible, with wheelchair access and seating as well as line-of-sight seating for ASL signing. For more details, visit the website at www.reasonrally.org/ada

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