Gambling Addiction Recovery for Atheists and Agnostics

Atheism and Agnosticism are the world views where there is no space for divine or supernatural entities. This is a broad definition which comprises various forms of these outlooks. Atheists reject any God or Heaven existence. This can be either conscious or unconscious rejection. Agnostics, on the other hand, do not controvert the presence of miraculous powers or divine creatures. They hold the opinion that you cannot deny something or believe in it if its existence is impossible to prove. Thus, anyway, the individuals, following such philosophical concepts, do not consider the faith as an important thing in their lives.

Usually, these people try to explain life with the help of science and pragmatism. However, it may sound contradictory, but there are cases of problem gambling among free-thinkers. This is due to the diversity in philosophical views. Some individuals are convinced pagans. They are incredibly pragmatic and would hardly even try casino games. On the other side, non-convinced persons visit virtual and onsite betting rooms like Realtime Gaming casino. And sometimes they cannot stop placing bets. There are various recovery programs for gambling addicts. And due to several reasons, they differ from those for religious and irreligious people.

Can Players Recover from Gambling Addiction without Belief in God?

gambling addictions recoveryCertainly, there is a 100% opportunity for an unbeliever to overcome the gambling addiction. Faith helps those who tend to believe in supernatural powers. Atheism tells you to rely on yourself. However, you can always seek help from organizations dealing with problem gamers.

They will give you the proper assistance without persuading you to believe in God. It is important to realize you have certain problems and making stakes harms your life. Once you took it into account, it is easier for you to go forward to overcome your trouble.

Gamblers Anonymous Group is A Spiritual Program

Gambler Anonymous is the program for helping problem gamblers. It was founded in 1957 in the US. Nowadays it operates in 12 locations all over the globe, offering a hand of hope to those in need. The organization offers the 12-step program. The successful treatment requires tolerance and the feel of comfort. However, many courses insist on faith.

The coaches often arrange group prayers and speak of the importance of God. However, this approach can really drive irreligious people mad. It may sound like preachment. GA understands the importance of a friendly atmosphere for every member of the group. That is why there are group meetings for atheists and agnostics with no need to apply religion.

Detecting Gaming Addiction Signs

It is very important to detect the gambling addiction timely. The earlier you understand you are in trouble, the more effective the treatment will be. The signs are the following:

  • You feel you need to keep your gambling secretly. You start unconsciously hiding it from the people surrounding you. Perhaps somewhere deep in your bones you feel blame for it and try to conceal it.
  • You place bets when you have no money for it. Your bankroll is over, but you cannot stop. You get into debts. But your winnings, if they actually take place, cannot cover the indebtedness.
  • You think about gaming too much. The constant plans for beating a casino cannot leave you alone.
  • You spend much time in a staking room. For instance, you prefer several sessions in slots or other games to spending your free time with people whom you love.
  • You consider betting activities as the way to escape from problems.
  • You feel lack of life satisfaction when you quit making stakes for some period of time.

Treatment Options

treatment of gambling addictionGA provides the complex approach to the gambling addiction treatment. It makes an emphasis on the following things:

  • Your gaming activity. During the program, your betting frequency and the related issues will be considered. Thus, the primary analysis will allow determining the severity of the problem and the further recovery direction.
  • Alongside that, you will be directed to complete psychological tests for your mental health evaluation. It is important, as compulsive staking, as a rule, does not occur for any reason at all. For instance, depression or low self-esteem may be the trigger.
  • The organization will help you manage the co-occurring financial issues and troubles concerning your social and private life.
  • Another important option is the educational course on the topic of the addiction. This part includes the explanation of the harmful effects the uncontrollable betting has. And they are really dangerous and can even lead to a suicide.
  • The therapy includes self-assessment, socialization and training courses. You will be taught to control your emotions and restrain the desire to place bets. Communication skills play the important role during the recovery process. The agency helps you get rid of the acquired unsociability.
  • The program offers physical health treatment such as yoga and massage. Yoga is a great way for you to take control of your emotions and wishes.