Insight of Religion and Gambling Relations Reviewed for RTG Casinos

Gaming is an age-long practice which is transferred to the future generation. Dog races, horse racing, bull-fighting, rooster and camel wrestling are examples of betting games that have the cultural background or are practiced in the traditional societies. Similarly, religion also plays some role in the gaming industry in various ways. By way of instance, how a race sees players ethically speaking as well as their gambling behaviour can be influenced by faith. Today we’ll going to talk about faith and gambling industry connected to online casinos referring on blogger Katie Wager researches and what Katie’s picks about RTG Casinos.

gambling and religion relationsIn South Australia, betting on certain types of games including but not limited to kamsahee, card games, pigeon flying and cock fighting as well as dog fighting is an acceptable practice among the traditional Afghan community living there.

They also bet on a meal in the restaurant, engage in lottery, charwali and falash. There are also casinos where they stake on slot. The Hindi play game during some of their celebrations like Diwali which comes up at the eve of The New Year. In the Hindu tradition, gambling, casino games and lottery are considered to be the same thing.

In Italy, friends and family members also bet on card games and tombola when they gather to celebrate a big festival or event such as the Christmas. Similarly, many Italians stake in electronic gaming, casino games, and lottery as well as sports betting.

The Greek tribe is another people that have the culture of gambling for recreational purposes and to socialize with each other even during celebrations. Apart from casino and card games, they also play bingo and lotteries. Racetrack betting is also common among the Greek.

Influence of Religion on Gambling and Vice Versa

Both religion and gambling influence each other. Two new studies conducted separately have shown the impact of religion on the casino. Based on the findings of one of the studies, cases of gambling symptoms like betting with borrowed money or staking above one’s financial capacity were very low among individuals that spent some time on religious activities. Another study which aimed at determining various ways religion can affect gambling discovered that getting involved in religious functions lessens the likelihood of betting. The researchers concluded that playing games differs based on various faith indicators. This conclusion according to them indicates new ways of reducing slight gambling addiction as well as a chronic one. Here you’ll get the full info regarding aspects of religion and gambling relations:

Gambling Addiction Recovery

Teachings derived from the Scripture passages and quotations and warm-hearted assistance from the Christian community has aided a lot of Christians gambling-addicts to deal with their condition. Undergoing such rehabilitation treatment has healed them of the crave to wager on games. Christian-based program founded on the basic beliefs, values and principles of Christianity can help one to overcome challenging urge to stake on a game.

gambling addiction recovery with beliefsChristian gambling support groups like Gamblers Anonymous have aided many members with gambling addictions to recover thanks to the regular support they offer them during their meetings which provide them with the opportunity of interacting with other members that were once like them.

Created from Alcoholics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous is modeled on 12 steps like the parent group. The people belonging to the group pray God to intervene in their condition; they refrain from bad things and attach themselves to God through prayer and meditation.

Besides this, other forms of supports considered important may be provided during the rehabilitation programme. For instance, they may be provided with financial advisors to help them assess their financial predicament, restructure their debts and create a feasible plan for the repayment of the debts.

Those whose marriages and family have been shattered or affected by their gaming addiction are provided marriage and family therapy to help them recover and deal with those issues. Handling these conflicts can be very important in forestalling relapse to gambling.

Atheists Treatment

Truly, one does not need to believe in God in order to put an end to gambling. Don’t buy the hype that from some religious-based Alcohol Treatment Centres that one has to believe in God in order to deal with addiction. It is a misconception to think that one has to be prayerful like others. It is an undeniable fact that gambling addicts who don’t profess belief in any God are undergoing spiritual programs in the rooms of GA. GA is not a religious programme. So, you are ok if you don’t pray. A real example of spirituality is being good to others and believing in the power of good.

Charitable Gambling

As implicit from the name, charitable gambling occurs when the profit realized from betting is used to improve the lives of others like assisting the homeless, disable and poor people as well as giving scholarships to the disabled and other similar acts with the gains obtained from gaming. Such funds can also be utilized to make a difference in the society like committing to wildlife conservation or environmental protection projects or given to the government.

Typical examples of some of the games allowed include pulling tabs, drawings, raffles, lotto, raffle, and bingo. Some of the jurisdictions that allowed wagering for charitable purposes do not allow authorized institutions like RTG casinos to offer traditional amusements like slot machines, craps, blackjack, and roulette. However, there are some states that approve casino nights for the permitted organizations.

Beliefs about Gambling

Since the beginning of the Protestant movement, gambling has been considered as debased. This explains why a number of denominations are trying to obstruct the propagation of legally allowed gambling games. An assessment of denominational literature including their position papers shows a swing from a complete rejection of gambling to a more tolerant approach that calls for care for the potential players. For example, the adherent of some religions such as Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormons, Southern Baptists, Muslim and others urge their members to shun gambling and to resist any attempt to introduce gambling in their societies.

Other religious groups do not condemn gambling but teach their members to be wary of it so that they will not have any problem. The Catholic Church does not condemn gaming and this has resulted in strong criticism against it by other denominations. Only a handful of research has been conducted on how religion can impact on gambling despite the fact that a lot of studies have been done on how religion can influence other similar addictions and related behavior like suicide, criminal behavior, drug and alcohol consumptions, and others which are not as widespread and common as gambling is today.

gambling in different religionsThe few studies on gaming were based on evaluating the denominational differences in pari-mutuel play, bingo, lottery, and casino. According to the outcome of these researches, it is more likely for Catholics, Jews and those that don’t devote to any particular religious group to gamble and become addicts than Protestants.

However, these studies do not state whether Protestants have less gambling-related issues because they are not likely to bet or because of other reasons. A number of denominations have supported their arguments opposing gambling using scripturally based passages even though the bible does not directly oppose betting.

First, they consider gaming as opposed to the omniscience of God and as idolatry. They liken reliance on chance or fate to pagan worship. Secondly, gambling puts more premium on material acquisition than on the love of another person. The third point raised against gambling is that it runs contrary to the biblical work ethic which does not support quick possession of wealth which is one of the sparks that inspire gamblers.

The fourth objection is that gambling can cause addiction which contradicts the virtue of temperance and self-control required of Christians. Gambling is also forbidden in Islam and certain portions of the Koran and certain Muslim books reject it.

Aspects of Luck at RTG Casinos

Winning in a casino is by chance and you cannot improve your luck by wearing a luck charm or carrying out rituals. Consequently, the best thing to do is to be realistic and play for fun as the end-point is getting thrilled. Some players perform rituals and do some practices based on myths to enhance the possibility of winning:

  • Cast the dice after blowing on it
  • Touch wood before coming to bet
  • Putting on a lucky pin
  • Spinning the reel only on a particular day of the week or time of the day
  • Wagering on the same machine always
  • Not stop playing with the belief that one’s chance of winning back what has been lost is at the corner (the truth is that the result of any spin is by chance no matter how many times you have played)
  • Believing in the possibility of gaining control of the odd with one’s skills and knowledge (no matter your skills, you cannot master how to beat the odd always).

Winning Odds Definition

Though gambling is a game of chance, it is possible to calculate the odds of winning in a game. The first person to attempt the risk of winning was Chevalier de Mere who lived in Paris during the middle of the 17 century. He found that the chance of getting a six after casting a dice for four times was a little bit on his side and that it was more unlikely for him to get two 6s in 24 throws of two dices. His guess was confirmed by Blaise Pascal and Pierre de Fermat who were two well-known mathematicians then. He presented his problem to them and they affirmed that in the first bet, his odds of winning were 52% while that of the second bet was 49%. Nowadays, smart gamblers follow the footsteps of Chevalier. Each casino has its own odd which players are supposed to know how to calculate.

Games of Luck and Skills

A game of luck also referred to as a chance game is any betting or gambling game in which a randomized device such as roulette wheels, slot machine, cards, dice, is used. By contrast, one requires talents and knowledge to obtain the desired result in the game of skills. These two types of gambling games are related to each involving the other. This means that in a game of skills, there is also an element of luck even though you need the expertise to get a favourable outcome. Similarly, it is important to be proficient in certain games of luck especially those that will require you to take a decision based on previous knowledge. Examples of games of chance are roulette, slot, baccarat, and others while examples of games of skills are sports betting, poker, blackjack and video poker.

  • Don’t have to spend time learning any skill to play them
  • The loss is easier to bear as the player knows the outcome depends on luck
  • They give more thrill
  • Skill still plays some role meaning that no matter how lucky you are, you still need to be skillful on how to bet on these games
  • Chance games are normally considered illegal and banned or regulated in a lot of countries
  • Some gamblers may feel that they are ill-luck after losing for multiple times and this can result in depression
  • A player’s skill reduces the house edge
  • There is some feeling of satisfaction associated with winning
  • Automated help is provided in some newer plays reducing the work and time to be spent in learning the skills.
  • No matter your skills, there is still some element of luck in these games as their results are still unpredictable.
  • You need more work and time to learn the skills before you can start playing these games.
  • No matter how proficient you’re in game, your skills don’t remove the house edge completely

Bible and Myths-Themed Slots

gambling games based on religionNowadays, casino gaming software developers are now releasing bible and myths-themed slots to add to their options. Typical examples of myth themed games are the Asgard and Hercules introduced by RTG. Similarly, casino slot machines built after biblical stories and figures like the Christmas story, Jesus marvelous works, Ark of Noah, David and Goliath and others are now available.

Benefits of Tournaments

Joining in RTG casino tournaments gives a number of benefits including the following. You get your winnings immediately or the day they are won. You get the thrill associated with a tournament environment as you socialize with other participants.

They provide you with the opportunity of meeting with people and making real friends. You can try your luck in a number of games during the tournament session. Players have the opportunity to treat themselves with the best food and drinks as the play is going on.

High Roller’s Motives

High rollers come to the RTG casinos for a number of reasons which include the following:

  • To get the opportunity to socialize in a number of ways like making new friends, meetings and interacting with old pals, getting thrilled by the crowd
  • The recognition of their personality and social status
  • The opportunity of winning big
  • An avenue of getting excited and forgetting some family and personal problems
  • Taking the Risk associated with gambling
  • Challenging and winning the games and or other competitors

RTG Casinos Efforts to Protect Players

The first thing RTG operators do to ensure their customers are protected is to obtain a license for their activities which means that they are controlled by a relevant government institution. With this, clients who felt that they were unjustly treated by an action room can file for claims or at least make a report. Normally, online gambling establishments put up their licensing jurisdictions and various certification at the bottom of their website’s homepage either as an image or a plain text. There are also some that list it on the T&C, Privacy Policy or on their About Us page. Popular licensing jurisdictions are Costa Rica, the Isle of Man, Malta, Kahnawake, Alderney, Gibraltar, Curacao/Netherlands Antilles.