Best RTG Casinos Games for Superstitious and Logicians

Gamblers are different. Some prefer to get relaxed and rely upon luck. These people consider historically formed superstitious beliefs and obey rituals. They are fond of simple gameplay and thus usually choose the suitable betting amusements. The other players prefer to rule the life on their own and thus give preferences to the activities demanding calmness, experience, and skills. The gaming industry evolved under the impact of human tamper and preferences. Thus, RTG casinos games fall into two major categories. We are going to describe the peculiarities of these amusements and determine which suit the best for logicians and lucky fellows.

Category 1 – Games of Chance at RTG Casinos

games of chance and strategyThe first category comprises games of chance. These amusements based purely on random outcomes. Their fairness comes from special hardware and software generally called Random Number Generator. The outcome of each turn is independent and can be influenced neither by a casino nor a player. Thus, chance or fortune, so to say, plays the main role in these amusements. Such activities include all types of slot machines and Lotteries, Roulette, and Craps. The gameplay does not require any special skills. If you are a newbie and have registered an account in a betting room a couple of minutes ago, you can start with these activities.


The slots tend to be the most common and diverse amusements. The designers offer themed games, as well as classic variants with fruit symbols. There is no actual difference in function between online variants and physical machines. How do they work? The randomizing part generates the outcome right after you press the “spin” button. Then, you see how the symbols stop on reels and form a line in a couple of seconds. Can we determine the chance of hitting the jackpot combination at RTG casinos? Everything depends on the number of reels and signs each of them shows.

For example, if the machine has five-reels with 10 fruits on each of them, the chance of hitting the piece of jackpot will be 1 in 100,000. The odds are insane; however, they become better in case of simple machines due to fewer possible combinations. Another feature is Return-to-Player percentage. It defines how much you will get back in the long-term gaming. As most of the operators set up less than 100%, you will never cover your losses over a long period. For example, some of RTG amusements have the following RTP:

  • Outta This World – 96%
  • Aladdin Wishes – 93%
  • Paydirt – 97.5%


logic and luck-based gamesRoulette as a game offers a simple gameplay too. You choose the number on the wheel, then it rotates and the ball eventually stops in a certain position. The activity also offers a couple of variants. The American design, for example, accommodates more pockets – 38 instead of 37 in the European version. If you stake on one number, the winning chance will be 1/37 or 1/38 (American). You can place a bet on more pockets, or on Red/ Black. It is less risky but cheaper.


Craps is essentially throwing dice. The way the two dice are landing is random, as well. The cubes altogether can generate 36 combinations, and the probability of hitting 7, for instance, is 1 in 36 or 0.02%. However, this game of chance is believed to offer some space for skills. You can learn how to throw the cubes properly and make them land in a much softer way.

Category 2 – Skills Games at RTG Casinos

The  RTG Casinos games requiring experience and skills are Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. These activities allow you to make strategic decisions, develop your own style and predict the results of your opponents. It is a great advantage because the game becomes operable. You know the outcome depends on your own performance. However, still, the presence of chance is evident. The dealer shuffles the cards at random. It is simultaneously good and bad. It is fair, which is good. On the other side, your opponent may get too strong setup and thus gain an advantage. However, you can get such a setup too and thus be superior to your rival.


casino games for luck and skillsBlackjack, or 21, is among the most advantageous betting activities. You place bets against the dealer. You need to beat the opponent with no more than 21 card value. According to the rules, you can choose from 5 options: “hit”, “stand”, “double down”, and “surrender”. So, as you see, there is much more space for actions in comparison with slots.

The amusement is easy to comprehend and actually, rewards you with the highest probability to gain winnings. In addition, the house edge rarely goes beyond 1%. This means the percent of your bet goes to the betting room while playing for a long period.


Poker is another popular logic game. It is more complicated in comparison to other table activities. You can make one of five actions after it is your turn: check, call, fold, bet and raise. Again, the rules give you the independence and freedom in the gameplay. Many of the skilled players start bluffing or counting cards to predict the opponent’s turn. This is a hazardous and thrilling activity.


Baccarat’s gameplay is quite simple as well. You should bet on tie, banker, and player. The card value must be as close to nine as possible. Once you accomplish that, you get the winning. The statistic is on the banker’s side, as this bet wins in around 50% of all cases. The high odds guarantee you the sense of delight while playing.