Lottery, Raffles, RTG Casinos Games – Gambling and Orthodox Church

Gambling history traces back to ancient prehistoric times. The scientist found evidence that it was closely connected with polytheism in various communities. With the appearance of Christianity, it became illegal for the religious followers. The forbiddance was established by the Apostolic Canons. The church criticized betting. It was believed to be of satanic origin. It evoked many feelings that were sinful such as greed for gain. God ordered the first humans to work only for the means of substance. The believer must keep self-renouncement.

The thirst for money and self-enrichment violated those orders. Staking, as the activity, meaning certain earnings for fun, stood in opposition to those orders. Times change, however. Nowadays, the houses of worship implement certain casino activities into their daily routine. Step by step, such amusements as raffles, lotteries and bingo became a part of the laypeople’s life. Lots of monasteries arrange such events but only for the altruistic purposes. Raising money from betting is acceptable. This article will describe the beliefs of Orthodox representatives concerning staking at Realtime Gaming casino.

Negative Attitude in Greek Orthodox Church

gambling in orthodox churchThe Greek Orthodox Church considers gambling as the complete opposition to the God’s love. The Christ’s teachings were meant to bring love to the human communities. People should love and respect each other. They have to help each other in difficult life situations. One has to sacrifice his or her life for the sake of his neighbor’s life if it is needed. Gambling, to the religious beliefs, pushes people far from love and respect.

It propagates greed for money and selfishness. It makes players believe they can become rich for nothing. When one makes a stake, buys a lottery ticket, he or she deprives his neighbor of money. A single jackpot means the fails of thousands of people who invested in a casino and won nothing. The religion also insists on the widespread cases of problem gaming. This is supposed to prove their concerns. All in all, certain believers still demonize betting.

“Everything in Moderation”

If someone places bets wisely with no signs of addiction or money overspend, it is still not okay for the Orthodox Church. A popular utterance “Everything in Moderation” does not apply to gambling. Sure, it may work with other things, such as shopping and eating sweets. However, gaming leads to numerous mortar sins. And, due to its selfish and greedy nature, it is unacceptable even “in small quantities”. It is considered merely a vice and the true believer should not legitimate his or her taints.

Money Ruffles Going to Church

Orthodox representatives forbid placing bets. However, it treats raffles neutrally in case they bring profits to the church. Why is it still sinful to play the lottery in the monastery even if it arranges such events within its territory? The problem is human imperfection. The explanation is the following. God gave us our blessing. We have to give him back what we have (meaning not only devotion but also material goods for the monastery). And we have to do that with no thought of self-profit.

orthodox church about gamblingLottery, on the other side, means the possibility of self-enrichment in the case of the winning ticket takes place. People bet meaning that profit, which is wrong. However, this concept does not keep the houses of worship from organizing raffles. This form of donation plays a significant role in the budget. The administration strives for perfection although it is unclear will it reduce incomes from betting or not.

What About Gaming at RTG Casinos for Fun?

Gaming at a staking room means entertainment first of all. At the luxurious casino, it becomes more attractive with the top services and cheerful atmosphere. It is exciting as well to play at a virtual betting house. It will be a good pastime especially if the website is powered by high-quality games from well-known providers such as RTG. However, the religion does not appreciate single forms of entertainment.

Fortunately, it does not blame the players. The reason is the modern society. We started spending less time with our neighbors due to up-to-date technologies. And that is what the Church wants to change. It plans to provide its followers with contemporary recreational opportunities. This will not contradict the teachings. In addition, collective pastime will cultivate love and unite the believers, strengthening their Faith.

What Gambling Means for Clergymen?

It is prohibited for clergymen to be engaged in any gambling activities. This forbiddance was stated in several Apostolic Canons. Any priest will be expelled if he is spotted in playing casino games. Thus, any violation of the law means severe punishment for the churchmen. It is actually determined by the special status of a priest. He is the representation of the true servant of God.