Cultural Heritage Remaining at RTG Casinos in Different Countries

Some sorts of gambling were present in almost every cultural tradition globally. They were a part of the entertainment. On the other side, ancient people used betting for making decisions. For instance, scientists discovered that ancient Native American tribes threw a stick like dice. And, actually, some sorts of dice were carved on rocks in caves. It is estimated that these images are 40,000 years old. Gaming was connected with various beliefs.

Most of the pagans bound it with their gods and worshiped them by playing certain games. On the other side, monotheistic religions condemn betting considering it an evil activity. Different cultures heavily influence the gaming industry and its representatives like Realtime Gaming casinos. The acceptable behavior patterns may contribute to the sphere, while other traditions and moral norms reduce its activity. The same thing happens with gamers, especially compulsive players.


Australian gambling traditions started many years ago before the European settlement. Gaming took different forms:

  • Animal fighting. People set up an arena and made aggressive brutes fight each other. Those were primarily dogs and cocks. The beasts generally fought to severe wounds or to death. Fortunately, nowadays it is unlawful to arrange such events.
  • Coin Flipping was a wide-spread form of staking.
  • Dice games also took place.

The European colonists brought other entertainments such as horse racing and lotteries. For instance, the first horse racing event took place in 1810 in Sydney. Nowadays, Australians prefer to play video slots. They call them “Pokies”. Overall, online staking is a popular form of amusement.


gambling in IndiaThe gaming peculiarities in India have been influenced by several factors. The first one is the legislation. Hinduism comprises around 80% of the population. Generally, Hindus prohibit casino activities. The forbiddance is determined in terms of legislation. Thus, only state lotteries, horse racing are acceptable.

On the other side, the illegal gaming is incredibly widespread. The population places bets at online staking rooms and among each other. And there is a high level of superstition among the people. For instance, playing cards during the night before The New Year (Diwali) brings fortune. The winner is blessed by Lakshmi, the goddess of fortune and wealth.

The second one is history. There were different forms of animal fighting engaging rams and roosters. This form of betting then evolved into horse racing. Speaking of other forms of staking, it is believed that Dice originated from India. Here was a Passa game. People threw numerous nuts and gambled on the outcome.

RTG Casinos Games in Italian Culture

Italy has the rich gambling history. It is a motherland for Bingo. It is believed this activity comes from the Italian lottery of the 16th century during the Renaissance period. And this, actually, was originated from the game called “Lotto”. It is believed to be the random voting procedure as the desperate attempt to overcome corruption. Betting was the entertaining way to spend time. It took place among all the social classes – from emperors and governors to beggars.

Dice and board games were especially popular. Nowadays the common forms of betting are lotteries, online casino activities, horse racing and board amusements. For instance, people love Tombola which in the 20th century became a popular raffle in European countries. Online staking houses comprise a significant part of the market. People play at the websites powered by the top software providers such as Realtime Gaming and others.


gambling traditions in countriesGreek betting history is as ancient as the Italian one. Ancient mythology speaks of Zeus and other Olympic gods throwing dice for making decisions. The cases of gambling were described in the Odyssey and historical works of Plutarch. At that time, dice was the most common game. Nowadays, Greece is known for its luxurious casinos. It is completely legal to play there. Popular amusements are card games, lotteries, and Bingo. However, any related activity out of the staking room is strictly prohibited.


France is prominent for Belote card game. It appeared in 1920-s. Nowadays, this activity is played everywhere in the country. It is featured in onsite and online betting houses. The surveys say nearly a half of the population enjoys this amusement. It has been evolved and arrived in other countries such as Greece, Cyprus, and eastern European countries. Among other activities lotteries and horse racing are predominant. And sure, virtual betting is widespread.

RTG Casinos Games in Japan

Gaming is officially prohibited in Japan. However, the Criminal Code has several exceptions. National lotteries, sports, horse racing and motorsports like Formula One competitions take place in Islands. People can legally bet on various public races as well. Japan is famous for the traditions which may seem weird for us but completely normal for Japanese. For instance, the government forbids slots but there is a legal form of specific slot machine Pachinko.

It appeared in the 1920s and initially was the toy for children. The game is a combination of pinball and simple fruit machines like those that RTG casinos have. The slot uses metal balls and shoots them through the metal round up to the top of the screen. It has numerous obstacles. The balls fall to the bottom, hitting various protrusions, levers, and traps on the screen. The industry market reached around 300 billion dollars in 2015.