Religion Influence on RTG Casinos Players

Religious organizations, being the source of renown for many people, influence their behavior patterns. Faith in God has influenced the humanity over thousands of years. Today, the impact is weakened by the technological progress. However, it is still clearly seen in many aspects of our life. Gambling is not an exception. Various studies learned the impact of religion on the gaming industry.

Some researchers are contradictory. Some scientists believe faith-based organizations and the beliefs smooth the way for problem gamers. Such cases have shown that the individuals believe they are blessed. However, overall, these are occasional cases. These deviations are connected with the personal fallacies, not with the general attitude of houses of worship concerning casinos. Church servants insist on the evil nature of hazardous activities and try to prevent the followers from placing bets.

Gambling and Mythology

religion impact on rtg casinosOur ancestors gambled on the outcome of some event hundreds and even thousands of years ago. Ancient people believed in many gods, who were supposed to rule their lives in many ways. Each of them was responsible for a certain aspect of human life. People prayed to them for success and played primitive games. In many traditions, such divine creatures were responsible for fortune, fun, and magic practices.

For instance, in Greek mythology, such a god was Hermes. Egyptians appealed to Thoth. Native American tribes relied on the will of Nohoilpi. The Indians also believed in so-called gambling spirit. It was the representation of the player’s power, luck, and success. Huron people believed betting activities can cure diseases.

Modern Influence

In general, a few things changed since ancient times. The concept of the divine origin of success in gaming has been preserved. Although modern religions treat betting as the evil activity, most of the players believe they win due to God’s blessing or under supernatural circumstances. The surveys have revealed that many lottery winners at new RTG casinos consider their success of divine origin.

Keeping up with the existing beliefs and trends, some resourceful swindlers started offering the magic services for gamers. Ones bring them money seeking luck to hit a jackpot. Furthermore, many people perform magical exercises, appealing to Gods. Thus, gaming is a subject to dispraise from the churches and, at the same time, the believers consider casino winnings as the benediction.

Religious Critiques of Gambling

The opposition between religion and gambling is represented in the nature of both phenomena.  In most cases, Christianity and other practices consider placing bets as a mundane, earthy and thus sinful activity. The true follower must resist temptations, including gaming. Islam, for instance, puts all the betting activities under a ban and this is clearly stated in the Koran. On the other side, Protestantism representatives came to terms with gaming slightly and withdraw its unholy status. However, many Protestants still negatively treat casino amusements.

Charitable Gambling

influence of religion on gamblingSometimes religious institutions, social agencies and organize gambling contests. Their purpose is to donate to charities. Charitable gaming is a form of non-profit activity, meaning all the funds gained during the play go to the public and social interest. The organizations are able to obtain a license for arranging different kinds of lotteries.

In the US, it may be difficult to manage to arrange the event in several states. Moreover, there are various taxation and penalties. For instance, in most states, it is forbidden to conduct the philanthropic efforts through the Internet. The lotteries must be conducted in the limited area provided by the organizer and get approvals from the municipal administration.

Purpose of Social Gaming

The funds gained from the charity lotteries are donated to the social purposes. A certain percent of overall losses during the play go to charitable organizations. There is also a restriction laid upon the prizes. In most cases, the reward the players get is limited to the total of $5,000. There are numerous population categories and agencies which need welfare assistance. The money may be contributed to:

  • Educational institutions.
  • Healthcare centers. The monetary aid goes for the medical equipment and healthcare campaigns including those in Third World countries.
  • Social campaigns aiming to help the disabled, the homeless and veterans.
  • Donations to religious organizations.
  • Contributions to organizations helping cure various addictions.
  • For the environmental and animal protection purposes.

Authorized Games at RTG Casinos

The sponsoring organizations must use a limited range of gambling activities for the charitable purposes. In general, such popular amusements at RTG casinos as Slots, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and Craps are prohibited. Most often, all the table and card activities are the subject to proscription. Raffles, Bingo, and Lotto must be played instead. The lotteries are easier to conduct, and they are a legal form of gambling.