High Rollers Main Motivations to Play at RTG Casinos

What drives people to spend the large sums at betting houses? Sure, it is a desire to win an extremely huge amount of money. The more you stake, the more you can potentially win. However, the only wish to gain profits hardly can make high rollers stay at a casino and squander their cash. Obviously, there is something more than a financial interest.

And, by the way, gambling is far from being the appropriate method of generating incomes. There are plenty of secure and guaranteed ways to earn dollars. Thus, the whales do not consider gaming solely as the way of making profits, but the entertainment and amusement. But, still, why do they choose namely making stakes? This article speaks of psychological reasons for this phenomenon.

Biopsychosocial and Self-Determination Research

high rollers' motives and beliefsA lot of research has been made on the topic of gaming motivations. The studies reveal that the gamers, especially high rollers, enjoy casino activities due to not only financial reasons, however, also social and psychological benefits they gain from gambling. Psychological reasons play the main role in keeping high rollers stay on betting sites. Gamers seek for self-determination and self-affirmation by winning the jackpots. Various VIP programs and exclusive events featured by staking rooms give the whales the feel of being exceptional, valuable and unique.

Social Reasons

Gaming means spending time with the like-minded for many players. Especially, it concerns card games such as Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack. Indeed, it is a great opportunity for interaction while gambling at the best RTG casinos. The high rollers make huge bets gaining recognition and respect from other entertainment-lovers.

Moreover, the loyalty programs play the major role. Many betting houses feature exclusive events such as concerts, journeys and other venues for VIPs. For the whale, it is another good chance to meet beneficial acquaintances, have a good time in the midst of girls, friends and famous people.

Monetary Motives

Most researches share the opinion concerning the monetary interest in gaming. Many scientists consider it a key factor. People want to make money from nothing, or by applying minimum efforts. In addition, a large part of gamblers rely upon luck and believe they can make a fortune by winning a jackpot. The average grand prize is measured in thousands of dollars. Although the chance of hitting it is better low, the players still believe it is the easiest way of earning money. On the other side, the RTG casinos offer various bonuses, and high-roller rewards are larger in comparison with the average betting room promotions.

Challenge & Learning

Another reason why high rollers spend much time at betting rooms is the desire to dominate. It reflects in a rivalry and competitive spirit which is an essential part of any gaming event. Everything is organized by the winner-take-all principle at the tournaments, for instance. The games (except slots) require methodology, experience, and skills. You learn how to play with a greater efficiency after some time. In addition, gambling becomes a hobby as you learn the strategies and discuss them with your friends, on forums etc.

Excitement & Thrill

motivation of high rollersGaming is a thrilling activity. The players feel the adrenaline rush when their entire bankroll is at stake. You are either a millionaire or a loser. Each bet is saturated with a passionate thirst for a win. The atmosphere of hazard and excitement is what attracts players.

In addition, the betting houses offer entertaining amusements such as bright and funny slots with exceptional graphics. Some of them even resemble video games due to the plot development, the presence of the main character and level system.

Psychological Motives

Now it is time to speak of psychological needs. For many players, especially those who spend a lot at casinos, gambling is the means of escaping from problems, responsibilities. For some people, it is the way to relax and get rid of the stress caused by work and routine. On the other hand, many people who devote much time to gambling sites as RTG casinos, and especially problem gamers, suffer from depression. It is the way to lighten the grief.

Most Beloved High Roller Games at RTG Casinos

High rollers choose the activities like Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, and slots. The bet values are high here- from hundreds to thousands of $ per wager. RTG casinos powered slot machines such as Big Shot or Aladdin’s Wishes can feature enormous multipliers of 40-50 hundred dollars per win. In addition, card games tournaments for big spenders can pay out millions. Big spenders are likely to play at dedicated staking rooms with the relevant service and promotions.