Muslims about Gambling – Reviewed for RTG Casinos

Gambling was always the subject of censure in many religious practices. It was condemned in Christianity and Islam since their appearance. Islam, being one of the strictest religions, treats gaming as a severe vice. In the Quran, betting is known as “maysir”. The meaning of this word is to wish something with ease and no efforts and by games of chance. It is one of the mortal sins. This approach can be applied not only to making bets. It works with any material or abstract thing you want to gain, obtain but you do not want to place efforts for it. And staking, in general, Muslim interpretation, is the wish to win an extremely big sum of money with a few dollars.

Quran Interpretation

gambling in islam religionIn the Quran, gaming at gambling houses, including RTG casino, stands along with alcohol and opium. There is no actual difference among these vices. It is stated that placing bets and any intoxicants are the creations of Satan. He uses them to make you forget God. You should be thankful to Him. You should work hard for the sake of your family and neighbors.

Betting, to the contrary, cultivates laziness, impudence, and greed for money. Initially, such a destructive behavior led to contention in the Muslim communities. This forbiddance is preserved nowadays to avoid unwanted and vicious behavior among the believers. And, if you go to a casino and start placing bets, then you betray Allah. You become the servant of Devil.

Gambling Consequences According to Islam

Gambling is a disastrous activity. Another reason for the prohibition is the fact that gaming, according to Islam, is a steal. When you go to a staking room to win a jackpot, you actually want to steal other people’s money. The winning is gathered from the hundreds or thousands of unsuccessful stakes they made. Gaming is considered a social pandemic. This disease leads to addiction similarly to the impact of alcohol or drugs. The players forget their duties, quit working and prayers.

They stop taking care of their families. This leads to quarreling which ends with a divorce. The addict neglect Islamic values. The gamer reneges on God, his wife, and children. He ends up his betting in debts, poverty, and loneliness. It is miserable. It contradicts everything Allah taught people to do. Thus, the true Muslim must resist the casino temptations and protect his neighbors from it. He must have the honorable lifestyle to please his Creator.

Games (Including RTG Casinos) Considered as Haram

muslims about gamblingAny games of chance and skill are prohibited by Islam. It is illegal to play slots, Poker, Dice, Baccarat, Roulette, Blackjack and other RTG casino amusements. It does not matter whether you play at an onsite or online betting house. The software your staking room uses is also irrelevant. Allah does not make any difference between Microgaming and Realtime Gaming. The only thing that matters is your desire to gain profits from staking.

Remember it is a sin. And, actually, this forbiddance makes sense. Placing bets for earning money is a meaningless activity. There is either winning or fail. And it is hardly possible, if not impossible at all, to gain significant profits. On the other hand, you are likely to lose more than win. For some people, it is difficult to realize by themselves and much easier to follow the God’s instructions.


Certainly, there are several exceptions. First of all, the games may be acceptable if they do not violate Allah’s orders. That means the individual plays only for recreation and entertainment. You must not have any financial interest or any other personal benefit except fun and amusement. Your gaming must not distract you from prayers, job, and other duties. You must not play too much as well.

And it is forbidden to express extra passion and use abusive language. However, the common casino activities do involve your finances. They, at all accounts, will make you bother about your money even if you swear you have no concerns at all. The only games Islam is okay about are archery and horse racing.

These occupations were incredibly important in ancient times. Muslimism was a militant religion. The horse cavalry played an important role in military operations. Thus, the competitions were a great training for cavalrymen. Those who could ride his horse incredibly well were successful on the battlefield. The good jockeys were capable of fast maneuvers, forcing obstacles and evading enemy attacks. Archers, during the competitions, exercised sharpshooting and weaponry management. Great warriors were the winners at contests. And thus, they were rewarded accordingly. And nowadays it is acceptable for the contestants to make stakes among each other. The visitors, however, must abstain.