June 4, 2016 – The Reason Rally!

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In 2012, people from all across America assembled together on the National Mall in D.C. for an epic event in the history of our country.  Standing in the rain, we declared to the world, “We are many! We are strong! We are united! And we are here!” Four years have passed, and we’re ready to do it again!

We’re converging on Washington D.C. once again, this time at the Lincoln Memorial. In this historic place, we proclaim our dream of a future where people are free to express rational and reasonable views without the fear of reprisal, retaliation, or retribution!

The Reason Rally itself is a day-long event on June 4, 2016. We will also have a variety of extra events over several days from Thursday, June 2nd through Sunday, June 5th.

Video created by Teresa MacBain