Accessibility at Reason Rally 2016

If you are a person with a disability who is planning on attending Reason Rally 2016, we want to make sure you enjoy the event with as few barriers as possible. If you have needs that are not covered in the information below, please contact us through our contact form.

ADA Seating Area

There will be an ADA seating area near the stage with a limited number of seats available for people with mobility disabilities. This area is paved cement, for easier maneuverability, and is accessible from the street via ramps and graded walkways.

When you arrive at the Rally, please go to the tent near the stage with the “VIP/Accessibility” banner and check in. The volunteer will give you a wristband that will give you access to the ADA Seating Area, which is right next to that tent.

For People who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

ASL Interpreters will be provided on stage for the entire rally. The ADA seating area is within line of sight to this area. If you will be attending any of the Reason Rally 2016 ancillary events and need an ASL Interpreter, please contact us with the event you plan on attending so that we can secure interpreters for the event.

A limited number of FM listening devices will be available for check out the day of the rally. Please contact us before the event if you would like to reserve a listening system.

For People who are Blind or have a Visual Impairment

Volunteers will be available for guiding if needed. Please contact us or check in at the Accessibility Tent.

Service Dogs

Working Service Dogs are welcome at Reason Rally 2016. Water for service dogs will be available in the ADA Seating area.

Other Accommodations

Wheelchair Taxi’s in Washington D.C.
Wheelchair Accessible Hotels
Motorized Chair Rental