The nearest METRO stations to the Rally are:

  1. Smithsonian Station (Blue and Orange lines: ) use the “National Mall” exit – which is on the Mall next to the Rally! The elevator for this station is on Independence Avenue at 12th Street SW – a 2 block walk to the Rally.
  2. Metro Center Station (Red Line) – 5 block walk to the Mall; or transfer to the Blue/Orange line to go two stops to Smithsonian station: use the “National Mall” exit.
  3. Federal Triangle Station ( Blue/Orange lines) – a three block walk to the Rally.

Note: If you are coming from the North Bethesda area hotels (Twinbrook Station), it is about a 35 minute and $ 2.75 weekend fare ride to Smithsonian Station. (take Red Line to Metro Center, then transfer to Blue/Orange line to Smithsonian station) . Visit the web site to plan your trip.

How to buy tickets for the METRO:

Washington has a very clean and safe underground train METRO system. To ride the METRO you must use a fare card which one can purchase at the entrance to all stations from vending machines which accept credit cards or cash and give change. Consult the panel at the station kiosk to determine the price or fare for you ride. Calculate the round trip cost. You may use cash or credit cards to make your purchase. The card can be used for multiple trips. Buy or put enough value on your card to pay for all of your METRO trips. It is possible to add value later but this means waiting in line again at the vending machines. For more information, Go to or call202-636-7000 to plan your trip. DC METRO riders are friendly and helpful. Ask other riders if you get lost or confused.