Plan with your local group to make it to the rally!

When your group successfully makes it to Reason Rally 2016, you help make this rally a success. Use the resources here to get your group organized.

Share the Reason Rally 2016 event on your Facebook page. It’s simple and effective to share the event on your groups personal website, or on your Facebook group. Click the link or the image below and help promote today!

Downloadable Tools

  • Rally Bus Information Flyer – Download, print, and distribute to your group.
  • Blog Post – A blog post by Reason Rally 2016 Executive Director Lyz Liddell to post on your group’s website or blog.
  • Reason Rally Post Card – Download, print, and distribute in your community.
  • Full Page Ad – A full-page flyer for use as a mailer or to hang on bulletin boards.
  • Powerpoint Presentataion – Present at your local group meeting to help members plan their trip!

Help promote Reason Rally 2016!