We’re Here!

We’ve started!!  I’ll be updating this page throughout the day as my Internet connection allows.

I’m sitting in the crowd watching Shelley Segal sing!  There are a LOT of people here and the crowd continues to grow.  Such a happy and nice crowd!

Seeing some great signs in the crowd…  They’re showing some on the big screens.



I’m about to head back into the crowd for pics for the website.

A little bit of rain but not much…

Walked among our awesome crowd; went to see the 8 or 9 protesters holding signs.

It’s training but it is not dampening our enthusiasm!  Dave Silverman is rocking the mic with his inspirational speech!

There are SO MANY people here!  Such a friendly crowd!  They don’t mind me walking among them stepping through the lines to get shots (and it’s not obvious who I am or what I’m doing – I’m just “some guy” to them).

More pictures added!!  I’m doing my best to keep them coming for you guys.  I’m guessing we have around 20,000 people despite the rain but that’s just my personal guess, not an official number.  I have no expertise in this so take that with a grain of salt the size of your fist.  ;-) Official numbers are in and over 30k people showed up!